Usually, recruiting an exterminator would always be the end of a bedbug infestation. But if the treatment isn’t done correctly, you may not know until it is too late and your warranty is expired.  Most companies have only a 14 day to 30-day heat treatment warranty for any Bed Bug treatment.  With Mantis, you can feel at ease with our industry-leading Double Treatment!  With Mantis, you get both a Thermal Remediation Heat Treatment & a Chemical Treatment the same day!  This allows us to give you the industries longest warranty of 90 days!  With Mantis, you will feel at ease after treatment knowing that if the Bed Bugs come back, so will we!

If you recruited an exterminator that isn’t Mantis Pest Solutions, they will most likely only make use of pesticides, which can take months for bed bugs to die. The same goes for a situation where you try and get rid of bed bugs yourself. Nonetheless, on the condition that you use our bedbug heat treatment, all the bed bugs will generally be gone within one treatment.

After a heat treatment, you don’t need to do anything too differently.  Clean up after treating bed bugs is very important. Although it is not absolutely necessary, cleaning after a heat treatment helps reduce the chance of them returning as well as gives you better peace of mind.  Don’t stress about cleaning your whole house top from bottom, focus mainly on the original rooms where bed bugs were discovered.  Rooms that we call “hot zone” areas.  After that, resuming a regular cleaning schedule is recommended. If you can only do one thing, laundering your bedsheets is a great thing to do– buying a bedbug proof mattress cover– is greatly endorsed as well.


Below is more detail on some common questions we get after treating homes in Overland Park and surrounding areas.


What happens after you treat bed bugs?

Many folks live with bed bugs for a period of time before getting a way out. There might be some element of embarrassment or denial, for instance, that precludes them from attempting to tackle the challenge. The moment they begin to confront this bed bug challenge, they expect it to get away instantaneously.

Although this is usually the case with heat treatments, there are still some important things to do after your treatment. If you only used a chemical method, you may have even a long period of time before having the piece of mind your house is bed bug free. That is why at Mantis we do a combination of two treatment methods on the day of treatment; chemical and heat treatment.

It is essential that you adapt your expectations for the solution you picked. On the condition that you only used a chemical treatment with your company of choice, it may only destroy bugs often only a few at a time.  The problem this causes is that adult female bed bugs can lay up to 6 eggs a day.  This is as a result of the fact that sprays often become effective on contact. Bedbug eggs or bedbugs hidden in crevices, or that only walk over the treatment may not die.  Chemical treatments can be very effective, but you are always going to be at the mercy of the quality of both the product being used, the thoroughness of the company and service professional servicing your home and how severe your infestation.

Another concern with chemical treatments from the professionals perspective is that if you have been trying to self-treat you may have already been spreading them around your house by using the wrong products and pushing them into areas that bed bugs wouldn’t normally infest.  Thus making the job of the service professional even harder.  For these reasons and more we always recommend a chemical and heat approach to tackling the bed bug problems customers have, and then we set out to bid our services at a price that is less than most all of our competitors!

Bedbugs can become resistant to pesticides which pest providers make use of. Hiring a pest control company that only does chemical treatments may not be sufficient to exterminate all the bed bugs. If you had a chemical treatment done, you should look at using a bed bug monitoring system for the next few months and call the exterminator back if bed bugs come back.

After a heat treatment performed, you get the joy of resuming your life as it was before the bedbugs invaded your home. We always will recommend deep cleaning affected rooms, and maintaining the rooms cleaned regularly as a precaution, but you will not need to fear about bed bugs coming back if a deep cleaning has not been done.

Also, we recommended educating yourself about bed bugs and how they enter your home to make sure they do not reenter your home from a place you frequently visit that may not be treated.  The number one cause of reinfestation of a customers home is not ineffective treatment, it is the root cause of the original infestation coming back into the home to reinfest the home.  Whether that be a visitor who comes on a regular basis, be it a family member or friend in the neighborhood.  Finding out the source of the original infestation is paramount to giving yourself ultimate peace of mind.  Checking out our pest control blog is also a great way to learn tips to prevent bed bugs and other pests that are common in Overland Park form occurring in your home.

As mentioned earlier for a extra piece of mind, we recommend buying a bed bug proof mattress cover.  If you are anxious about them coming back, first remember you have a protection guarantee and if requested, you can talk to one of our pest control experts about adding bed bug monitoring to your home.


How long does it take to get rid of bed bugs after extermination?

If you got a heat treatment, all of the bed bugs should be gone within that first treatment.  Although just in case we recommend keeping an eye out for any bed bug activity for about 2-3 weeks where any bed bugs may have been hiding in untreated rooms. Although a bed bug monitoring system isn’t necessary after a heat treatment, you can install some bed bug traps. That way if they did return, you would notice them in the traps before noticing the bed bug bites on you or your loved ones.

If a chemical treatment was the only thing that was done due to egg cycles instead of being pest-free at 2-3 weeks, you could expect any unhatched bedbugs to be roaming around. Although most chemical treatments try and get rid of these eggs as well, it is recommended to use bed bug traps to monitor for bed bugs. If you have not seen any activity after six weeks, you are probably in the clear.


Can I sleep in my bed after bed bug treatment? Yes

Beginning to treat bed bugs is exciting. It is a promise that it is possible to have a normal life again, which means sleeping in your bed. It is recommended you wash your sheets to get rid of any bed bug shed skins or droppings, but again not necessary where they are dead.  Some customers like buying bed bug proof mattress cover to ease their minds, but are not always required.

Can bedbugs survive after heat treatment?

Effective heat treatments destroy each of the bed bug life cycle stages and all of the eggs once the 120 minimum heat temperature is reached and maintained for 4 hours.  During each Mantis Heat Treatment time is spent by our pest professionals in your home making sure that every part of your home is getting up to temperature.  We maintain the temperature between 120-135 degrees for a minimum of 4 hours.  During this 4 hour period we are constantly turning furniture, beds, and directing of our fans to make sure that our high tech “THERMAL REMEDIATION” Electric Heat is getting into every crack and crevice of your home to ensure that every BED BUG and EGG dies.  What is great about the Mantis Heat treatment is that we typically do our Heat Treatments for less than what most companies charge for their cheaper chemical treatments!  Also, we are the only company in Kansas City that offers financing for our services which makes bed bug services affordable to everyone.

Can bed bugs come back after treatment?

Any bedbug that made contact through the treatment should be eliminated. This means that bed bugs currently in your home will not comeback because they are dead. That being said some people swear they still see bed bugs after treatment. It is not normal to see bed bugs after treatment especially the same ones.  If you still have bed bugs after 3 treatments it is most likely because they are coming into your home again from you frequently visiting a place that has a bed bug infestation. We hope this is never the case and although as you will read later in this article cleaning after treatment is not necessary, but helpful.  After a treatment, you should take precautions and look at ways to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. You can learn these bed bug prevention tips in the related articles section at the bottom of this article.

How long may I return home after the bed bug treatment?

Any heat treatment takes you are away from your home for about 6-9 hours depending on the size of your home.  You are safe to enter your home right after the treatment is completed.  It is encouraged to change your clothes and put them in the wash upon reentering your home in case you have any bed bugs as hitchhikers. That being said, this is very uncommon and merely a precaution.


Is Cleaning after treating Bed Bugs Necessary?


Again although it is not absolutely necessary, it is very helpful. Begin by cleaning your bedsheets and clothes. Remove the bedding away from your wardrobe, and begin to launder them at significant heat. Dry them at high temperature as well. This would truly be sufficient to exterminate any residual eggs or bed bugs which might have done away with if a chemical treatment was done. There probably won’t be any. However, your efforts here might make all the difference. It is always better to be safe then sorry where female bed bugs lay 3-5 eggs a day, and another bed bug infestation occurs quickly if the first treatment is not done correctly.

Do you need to clean everything? The answer is, “No.” But you should! Bed bugs often lay their eggs in hidden crevices and cracks that usually means furniture. Although a heat treatment will take care of any bedbugs, it is good to clean up any of their remains or eggs.  If anything, we have found that this gives most customers a better piece of mind.  We like to stress that bed bugs are not just found in beds. It is essential to clean any furniture, backpacks and possibly your car.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any Bed Bug questions.  We would love to be of any service.   Remember, we are the only bed bug company in Overland Park with financing available for our bed bug services. This makes even our heat treatments affordable.  Apart from this bed bug treatment, the following services are also available


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