First off, we are sorry that you have bedbugs; we want to make sure that we get those taken care for you. So, we’re going to discuss real quick; what the difference is between a Mantis heat treatment, and typical heat treatment from most companies. The number one thing that we’re going to do on the day of service, both chemical treatment and a heat treatment. So, you’re getting both– the best of both worlds.


What to expect during the Bedbug Heat Treatment

We’re going to be treating the hot areas of the house, so box springs and mattresses that may have been affected, in most homes that’s the main area, couches. Those places where the bedbugs are most infested are going to get a double treatment

Let’s talk about the other thing, that’s big between us and our competition. Most companies that do heat-treatment have a propane heat trailer, and they’re good trailers, and most of the time they work wonderfully. But a propane heat trailer gets up to temperature rapidly; they go from 70 degrees up to the target zone of 120-130 degrees, 120 is the critical zone, but they get up to 120 degrees quickly and what that means is; bedbugs are going to scurry, and they’re going find the cold area in a room. And the problem with that is; if you think of the old analogy of a frog in a hot pot, if you throw a frog in a boiling pot, he’s going to jump right out. Well, it’s the same with a bedbug, if you heat the house too quickly, that bedbug is going to find the cold spot in the room, and that’s not a good thing.


How our Bed Bug Treatment is Different

At Mantis Pest Solutions have bedbug heat sensors that we place in the room, we’re going to put them in each corner, not just on the heater which we know gets up to temperature. We’re going to put them in each corner, it’s going to give us readings on our computer, we have these little Wi-Fi devices that connect to our laptop, and we sit outside to make sure that we get the room to 120 degrees. The key is, we don’t start the clock on the 4 hours that we heat at 120 degrees, until every sensor in your house, is at 120 degrees.


The last thing and most important thing is; these are electric heaters, thermal remediation by Temp-Air. I want to repeat that because it is so vital, thermal remediation by Temp-Air. There is an electric heater. So, it raises the temperature gradually; it’s like throwing that frog in a fresh pot of water. Before it knows it, it is killed, the bedbugs are killed. So, when it gets around 98 degrees, it thinks it has found a food source (warmblood). Instead of running for the cool pocket of your room to hide from the heat, it’s coming out thinking it is going to eat and gets ready to take a blood meal, but before the bed bug realizes there is no food it dies from the heat at 120 degrees. That’s the advantage that thermal remediation gives us.


So, a couple of advantages is; we have eight heaters on our trailer, most propane trailers are sold with only four to six heaters. So, we’re going to be able to heat your whole house, not just the key rooms in your home, and you’ve got to heat the entire house. Bathrooms are found to have bedbugs, not only bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens sometimes. So, we want to make sure that we’re heating the whole house. And most heaters with full or most bed bug trailers with four to six heaters, they’re only going to be able to treat portions of the house. So, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned, and so with our thermal remediation, that’s going to raise the temperature slowly to make sure that the bedbugs aren’t running and hiding, we’re going to have eight heaters to make sure that every aspect of your house is treated well. We’re going to have these monitors out, to make sure that every corner of the house is getting up to temp, and then you are also getting a chemical treatment on top of your heat treatment. So, we’re making– we’re making sure that no stone is unturned. It’s comprehensive, and it’s why we’re five stars Google rated,


Affordable Bedbug Treatments in Overland Park

We pride ourselves as bed bug experts in Overland Park as having one of the best bed bug treatments in the greater Kansas area. Although the service is extremely important, we know that you, as the customer, expect a great customer experience. Part of the experience you have with a bed bug company is the price of the bed bug treatment. Mantis Pest Solutions is the only bed bug company with bed bug financing available, making our superior service even more affordable than a mediocre one.


In summary Overland Park Residents Trust Mantis to Get Rid of their Bedbugs because:


  • We use remedial heat  hit treatments to get rid of bedbugs
  • We use sophisticated bedbug heaters and traps to exterminate bed bugs in one visit
  • We use both Heat and Chemical bedbug treatments – giving you the best of both worlds
  • We offer financing to make our bed bug treatments affordable
  • We do all of that with a smile


If you have bedbugs in Overland Park, Lee’s Summit or surrounding areas don’t wait to get rid of your bed bugs  We’d love to have you give us a call.