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Mosquitoes are annoying, frustrating, hovering little pests- and surprisingly loud for their size. After just one encounter with a mosquito, you’re left with a souvenir on your skin, which comes in the form of a little red bite that sends you mad with itching for days after the encounter.

More than any of this, they’re a serious health hazard to both people, pets and other forms of wildlife, especially birds. This is due to their diet of human and animal blood, since they pick up certain infectious diseases from their victims and pass them on when they target their next meal. They transfer these diseases from human to human, from animal to animal, or from animal to human etc.

Each year in the US, people are infected by mosquito-borne diseases such as the West Nile virus, Dengue fever, the Zika virus and Chikungunya virus, which can cause serious illness in humans and animals alike, occasionally causing human deaths, and commonly causing fatalities in the natural world.

Mosquito control is more than just pest extermination, it’s a preventative health measure. As such, we offer effective mosquito treatments and extermination to the residents of Overland Park, in order to keep more people safe, and to attempt to reduce the number of illnesses and deaths caused by mosquito borne diseases.


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Pest Control Reviews

5.0   |  04-24-2015
Review by Karen G. in Lees Summit, MO
On time, for my crazy schedule to meet and went over everything with me so I understood exactly what was going to happen.
5.0   |  09-04-2014
Review by Dawn F. in Lees Summit, MO
Excellent service. Ty was very courteous and thorough. Would definitely recommend to others.


How do we do it?

At Mantis Pest Solutions, we follow a number of steps to ensure that the areas we treat are totally cleared of mosquitoes.

Firstly, we offer personal customer consultations so that you can describe the infestation to our technicians, consult them on any specific concerns and to arrange times and dates for treatments.

We offer monthly ‘inside out’ mosquito treatments. Our technicians spray the affected area around your home (or elsewhere) every month in order to keep the mosquito population low- since mosquitoes have an unrivaled ability to breed and multiply. The technicians perform a ‘misting’ treatment, and spray areas which they believe are likely to be resting places for mosquitoes, such as on surfaces outside, under decking and on the leaves of plants (they don’t spray flowering plants, however, since mosquitoes aren’t drawn to them and spraying these areas can affect the other wildlife, which uses the flowers to feed). The chemicals in the spray are fatal to mosquitoes, and also kill any eggs which it comes into contact with.

If you think that a treatment hasn’t been effective, and that the mosquito infestation is still a problem, we offer a guarantee to treat the same infestation for free.


On top of all this, Mantis Pest Solutions offers free telephone support, so you can contact the company at any time to ask questions or get advice about your mosquito problem.


An alternative solution to your mosquito-related problems- new to Mantis Pest Solutions –is that we now offer a service in which our technicians carry out mosquito-repelling drum installations.


The mosquito drum: how does it work?


The mosquito drum attracts mosquitoes into it, and provides the conditions required to be considered a good laying site by female mosquitoes. On making contact with the drum, the visiting mosquitoes unknowingly cover themselves in a powder which is toxic to mosquito eggs and larvae, and contaminates any water source it comes into contact with (though it is safe for wildlife to consume). The female mosquito lays some of her eggs into the water in the drum, which already has some of the powder in it, destroying the eggs. Then, when the mosquito flies away, and goes to lay more eggs elsewhere, she transfers the powder on her body into that water source, too, killing any eggs/larvae that may have already been there, as well as the eggs laid recently after her departure from the laying site. Lastly, the adult mosquito is eventually killed by a fungus which the mosquito picks up when first inside the drum- a fungus which also renders the mosquito non-infectious, even if that mosquito is carrying a harmful virus.


Benefits of the mosquito drum:

  • The drum is very efficient, since it aims, first and foremost, to prevent the mosquitoes from being born in the first place, rather than simply tackle the adult mosquito population.
  • Using the mosquitoes as a carrier for the toxic powder means that they can target laying spots that human exterminators wouldn’t think of, or can’t get to.
  • The powder used to prevent the birth of new mosquitoes is not toxic to other wildlife and won’t affect the food chain in the surrounding area in a significant way.
  • Only one drum is required to rid about 400m2 of mosquitoes, since the mosquitoes do the travelling for you.


So, whether you’re opting for a traditional misting treatment, or you’re thinking of having some mosquito drums installed in your area, you can be assured that Mantis Pest Solutions will be able to tackle and defeat your mosquito infestation issues, protecting you, your family, and the surrounding wildlife from the disease-ridden mosquitoes that plague Overland Park.





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