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How to Control Bed Bugs in Your Home

April 22, 2017

It would be a headache to live with bed bugs. Whenever you notice a bed bug infestation, you will need to take immediate steps in order to get rid of them. Therefore, it is important for everyone to have a clear understanding of effective methods that can be used to control bed bugs at home.Bedbug

How do bed bugs get in your house?

First of all, you need to have a clear understanding about how the bed bugs would get into your house. This will assist you to proceed with required treatments with peace of mind. As the name implies, bed bugs are extremely close to beds. In fact, these little insects get attracted to warm blooded animals to feed on. It can be animals including the pets or human beings. In most of the cases, bed bugs would come into the home through your pets. They would stick to the fur of your pets and come in. Then the bed bugs would start creating settlements inside your house, including the beds. In addition, they can come to your home by sticking to the body of human beings as well.

What causes bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be considered as consummate hitchhikers. In other words, they are being transported from humans to humans such as suitcases. For the bed bugs to survive, favorable conditions should exist inside your home. Usually, the bed bugs prefer to feed on human beings. However, they prefer on other mammals including your pets as well. They prefer to hide in warm and dark areas, where there is adequate moisture to survive. That’s the main reason why you can find bed bugs inside the beds and toys of your pets.

Where do bed bugs live in your house?

Inspection can be considered as the first step that is associated with bed bug removal. In order to inspect, you will need to have a clear understanding about the places where bed bugs hide inside your home.

When the bed bugs are not feeding, they prefer to hide in many different places around your home. Usually, the bed bugs can be found around your beds. In addition, you would see them near the piping. If there are any tags or seams in your mattress, there is a high chance to find bed bugs in there. Moreover, you will be able to find bed bugs inside the headboard, bed frame, cracks and box springs

It is important to keep in mind that bed bugs don’t just live in the beds. You will also be able to find them in the seams of couches and chairs, in the curtain folds and between cushions. The other places where you can find bed bugs include heads of screws, junctions where your wall and ceiling meet, under wall hangings and loose wallpapers, inside electrical appliances and receptacles and inside drawer joints. All these places should be inspected carefully to discover the bed bugs.

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