Mosquitoes are notoriously difficult to deal with: most bug sprays are useless against them, and they only need an inch of water in which to lay their eggs, so even if you do manage to kill one or two, there’ll be 300 more mosquitoes to replace them.

Thankfully, there’s a solution, and it’s coming to Overland Park, thanks to the expertise of Mantis Pest Solutions. Soon, for Overland Park residents, the days of swatting will be gone, thanks to the revolutionary mosquito drum. Did we mention it is a natural mosquito control service.


How does the mosquito drum work?

The reason that mosquitoes are so difficult to eliminate is that they produce lots of offspring, and their egg-laying requirements are minimal: all they need is water. Female mosquitoes lay up to 300 eggs after mating, and they can breed up to 3 times in their lifetime.  So, the problem is: how are you supposed to eliminate all of their larvae, when they are too small to see, there are enormous numbers of them, and they can be in any (or all) bodies of water?

The mosquito drum attracts mosquitoes, with the help of an odor tablet and a sachet of powder designed to attract the mosquito, which is dropped into the water upon installation. This provides a (seemingly) perfect spot for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs, thanks to the 3-5 liters of water in the drum, as well as a gauze for the adult mosquito to land on.

The gauze is covered in a different powder, which contains natural chemicals toxic to mosquito larvae, and which the mosquito unknowingly covers itself in, upon landing on the gauze. The female mosquito then deposits its eggs into the water and, as it does so, transfers this powder into the water, making the water uninhabitable for the larvae, preventing them from developing into fully-fledged, disease-carrying mosquitoes.

However, the drum doesn’t just ensure that the eggs laid within it are neutralized; the powder on the gauze continues to stick to the mosquito’s body after they leave the drum, so that when they lay their eggs elsewhere, whichever body of water they decide to frequent is similarly made uninhabitable for its larvae. This means that the contaminated mosquito’s larvae are neutralized, as well as any other larvae (laid by other mosquitoes) that reside in the same body of water.

This invention allows the mosquitoes to be used as carriers for the egg/larvae poison, which means that the powder can reach places (specifically, egg-laying spots) that people wouldn’t think to treat, making it the most effective form of mosquito neutralisation yet, and, because of this, only one drum is needed for every 400m2, in order to rid the area of the next generation of mosquitoes.

More than this, the gauze is also home to a fungus, which attaches itself to the mosquito, and neutralizes any viruses that the mosquito might be carrying, making that mosquito ‘safe’, and unable to pass on the disease to humans or other animals. Lastly, within a few days, the mosquito is killed by the fungus.


Why get rid of mosquitoes in the first place?

No one likes to be bitten by any type of insect, never mind a mosquito; bug bites are itchy and can be painful. However, the most important reason to control mosquito populations is for the sake of people’s health, since mosquitoes are carriers, and transmitters, of disease, due to their diet of human and animal blood. Their bloody diet results in them passing disease from person to person, or animal to person, or even person to animal.

Whilst malaria was eradicated from the US in the 1950s, there are still a number of diseases and viruses that American mosquitoes carry. These diseases, including the Zika virus, the West Nile Virus, and Dengue fever, pose a risk to the health of US citizens and can even result in death.


Will the mosquito drum affect the other wildlife?

The mosquito drum targets mosquitoes, specifically.

The powder from the gauze, which the contaminated mosquitoes go on to deposit in various bodies of water, is toxic to mosquito larvae but is safe for other animals to drink and come into contact with, including other insects.

More than this, in addition to being a danger to humans, they can transmit viruses and disease to animals, too, and even pose a risk to our furry, domesticated friends. For example, dog heartworm is one of the most common diseases carried, and transferred, by mosquitoes in the US.

So, the installation of the mosquito drums is actually in the interest of animal welfare, and, when the drums are installed in Overland Park, it’ll be sure to have a positive impact on the surrounding wildlife and the natural world.


Can I purchase a mosquito drum for my backyard?

The mosquito drum is for more than just community/public use; if the area you live in is swarming with mosquitoes, and you want to take matters into your own hands, then you should consider calling Mantis pest solutions for mosquito control in Overland Park and Surrounding areas. We not only use the natural and green mosquito drum, but if needed can apply a normal mosquito spray as well. Learn more about our complete mosquito control solution.


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