If you’re not familiar with pest control lingo, perimeter pest control is a type of pest control treatment which targets the area surrounding your home, such as the grass in your garden, the walls of your house, your porch and around your doors.

In your back yard or garden alone, there are upwards of a million insects, all hoping to take refuge in your home, which can provide shelter, water and even food, making it an attractive place to live for more than just you and your family.

It’s the aim of perimeter pest control to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Unlike traditional forms of pest control, perimeter pest control focuses on prevention – carrying out pest control before they make it into your home and begin to cause problems, whether they’re hygiene issues, structural problems (as is the case with termites) or you’ve somehow managed to house a full-blown bug nest.

What’s the process?

Our Pest control professionals in Overland Park will typically come to your home and inspect the house’s exterior. Then, they will spray chemicals and specialist tools to neutralize the pests in your house’s immediate vicinity.

Insecticide spray can be applied to the walls of your home, to your porch area and directly to your front and back doors. This not only repels bugs from your home, but any insects that choose to land on the treated surfaces will be killed, so the likelihood of them entering your home is slim.

Alternatively, perimeter pest control services may involve a fogging mechanism, instead of a spray, depending on your specific situation, though a similar array of chemicals will be involved. This is usually done in our mosquitoes control services.

While the treatment to the walls and doors is the last line of defense between your home and the invading bugs. Generally, you won’t need your yard and garden treated because the perimeter method is so effective. That said certain pests like chiggers, fleas, and ticks, will require your whole yard to be treated and not just the perimeter.

The best part about perimeter pest control is that it’s an extremely unobtrusive process. In most cases, you don’t even have to be at home in order for the treatment to be carried out by professional pest control in Overland Park, since perimeter pest control is exclusively applied to the exterior of your home and the surrounding areas. We offer indoor services upon request, but these generally are not needed on a regular basis, although they are recommended where we do treat the inside of your home for free.

How often do they need to be applied?

In order to continuously reap the benefits of perimeter pest control treatments, they should be done every 90 days or so. Or, to think of it another way, once per season.

More than an immediate, short-term fix, the chemical sprays used by pest control in Overland Park leaves residue on surfaces such as wood and brick, meaning that insects which come into contact with those surfaces – even after a period of time – will eventually be neutralised by the residue, even if it takes a little while longer.

Perhaps surprisingly, the residue from the insecticide continues to deplete the insect population in your yard for up to 3 months past the initial treatment. However, if you live in an area with a very high insect population – or you’re in the spring and summer months and you live in a warm climate – you can up the treatments to once per month if you’re determined to have a totally bug-free home.

What pests can perimeter pest control get rid of?

Targeting hundreds of different insects – including the most common garden and house villains such as silverfish, millipedes, ants, and spiders– perimeter pest control in Overland Park is perfect for those who have a more generalized insect problem, or if you just really don’t like seeing bugs in your home. If you have the following pests please click the link to learn more about our specialized pest control solutions:

Whatever the case is, if it’s creepy and crawly, perimeter pest control is the best preventative treatment for ensuring that the little critters never even make it past the porch to your home.

So, if you’re interested in making use of the perimeter pest control services in Overland Park – to keep your home insect free, and to bask in the freedom of a bug-less yard – call Mantis Pest Solutions to make a bug-free home your reality.