When it comes to mosquitoes, each year it seems that no matter what you do, when mosquito season rolls around, you see them hovering around your home – in spite of the mosquito screens, nets, and your diligent shutting of windows – and you end up covered in bites, no matter what repelling sprays you use to protect yourself.

This is because – like us – mosquitoes use doors. Unfortunately, doors are much more difficult to mosquito-proof than windows, since screening isn’t really an option (if you want to be able to get in and out of the house, that is).

Typically, front doors of houses in residential areas are contained within a porch area, meaning that – to some extent – they are shaded from the sun and heat. This is a mosquito’s ideal resting spot: in the shade, out of direct sunlight, where they are more likely to find a damp or cool spot to land and rest their wings.

While mosquitoes are annoying, and the bites are itchy, this is nothing compared to the numerous health risks they pose to both humans and animals in Overland Park, since they are carriers of a multitude of infectious diseases.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to decrease the chance of mosquitoes making it into your home, by keeping them away from your front door for good.

Hire professional mosquito control to spray your house’s exterior.

Overland Park mosquito control will be able to conduct an inspection, and carry out a comprehensive mosquito-proofing of your doors, exterior walls and the surrounding areas – including your yard and garden.

One of the most effective techniques used by mosquito control in Overland Park is spraying or fogging the areas around your door with mosquito-busting chemicals. This ensures that if mosquitoes choose to land on your door – or on surfaces in the porch area around your door – they will be killed upon making contact to the treated surfaces (or, if you haven’t had a treatment in a while, they will eventually die a few hours after making contact with the residual insecticide).

More than this, the professionals will be able to inspect your property to recommend – and carry out – any other mosquito-busting methods which would benefit your particular situation.

Make the inside of your home repellent to mosquitoes.

There are a number of things you can do to make the little blighters think twice about entering your home, and cause them to steer clear of your front door.

For starters, mosquitoes – and many other types of bugs – hate certain smells; in the case of these dangerous, disease-carrying insects, citronella works a treat. So, if you can get your hands on some citronella scented candles, vaporisers or cleaning products, you’re on your way to having a mosquito-free house – make sure the entrance to your home, in particular, is infused with some of this mosquito-busting scent. This will keep mosquitoes away from your front door when the door is open.

Think about your garden lighting.

If you’re partial to having lights in your garden – so that you can enjoy the greenery at night – steer clear from keeping lights too near the house. Or even worse, in the porch itself, if you want to keep mosquitoes away from your front door.

While mosquitoes shy from direct sunlight during the day, at night there’s nothing they love more than to hover around the night-time illuminations. With this in mind, choose the placement of your garden lighting strategically.

On the other hand, you could opt for the reverse approach and invest in a mosquito lantern, which can be placed on your porch. Upon making contact with the lantern’s lit filament – when they are drawn to this light at night – the mosquitoes will be instantly killed.

Remove sources of stagnant water in your home and garden.

Whether it’s a rarely used sink in your home in which water has accumulated, or you have a bird bath outside that you rarely – if ever – change the water of, anything that can harbour pools of water is attractive to mosquitoes.

More than simply attracting the pests, they actually allow the mosquito population – in and around your home – to multiply, since stagnant pools of water are where mosquitoes lay their eggs. This not only increases the likelihood of more mosquitoes hanging around your front door and yard, but it significantly increases the chances of a mosquito home invasion.

While getting rid of every possible place that water collects poses many practical problems, there is – luckily – a less tedious solution. If you call mosquito control in Overland Park, they will be able to install a mosquito drum in your yard, which will eventually result in every stagnant pool of water becoming toxic to mosquito eggs, neutralising them, as well as tackling the adult mosquito population. After all, the best way to keep mosquitoes away from your door, is to decrease the population of them in your yard.

So, if you want to hire mosquito control in Overland Park, call Mantis Pest Solutions, to ensure you keep mosquitoes away from your front door and your home stays mosquito free.