In Springfield, Missouri, the prevalence of bed bugs poses a significant concern for residents and businesses alike. These resilient pests can infest homes, hotels, dormitories, and even public spaces, leading to discomfort, anxiety, and potential health risks. The importance of promptly addressing bed bug infestations through professional pest control services cannot be overstated.

Bed bugs are notorious for their rapid reproduction rates and ability to hide in tiny crevices, making them challenging to eradicate without expert intervention. Ignoring a bed bug problem can result in a worsening infestation, as these pests are adept at spreading from room to room and building to building.

Moreover, bed bugs are not merely a nuisance; their bites can cause allergic reactions in some individuals and contribute to sleep disturbances and psychological distress. Prolonged exposure to bed bugs can lead to skin irritations, anxiety, and insomnia, impacting both physical and mental well-being.

Engaging professional pest control for bed bugs in Springfield is crucial for several reasons. Pest control experts have the knowledge, experience, and tools to effectively identify, treat, and prevent bed bug infestations. Their integrated approach may include thorough inspections, targeted treatments, and follow-up monitoring to ensure the complete eradication of bed bugs.

By investing in pest control for bed bugs, residents of Springfield can safeguard their homes, protect their families, and preserve their peace of mind. Timely intervention not only prevents the escalation of infestations but also contributes to the overall well-being and comfort of the community. With professional pest control services, Springfield residents can rest assured that their living spaces remain safe, healthy, and free from the scourge of bed bugs.

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Why at home bed bug treatment doesn't work

While attempting to control bed bugs at home is a common response to infestations, it often proves ineffective due to the resilient nature of these pests. Home remedies and DIY solutions, such as using over-the-counter sprays or traps, may provide temporary relief but rarely address the root cause of the infestation. Bed bugs are adept at hiding in cracks, crevices, and upholstery, making complete eradication challenging without professional intervention. Additionally, improper use of pesticides can pose health risks to residents and pets. Without the expertise, specialized equipment, and integrated approach of professional pest control services, home treatments are often insufficient in eliminating bed bugs entirely, leading to persistent infestations and potential re-infestations. Investing in professional bed bug control ensures thorough inspection, targeted treatment, and long-term prevention strategies, providing effective relief and peace of mind for homeowners dealing with these stubborn pests.

Consider This: What Makes Mantis Different?


At Mantis, we leave no stone unturned. Our techniques target every crack and crevice to ensure your home becomes 100% Bed Bug-FREE once again!


We have decades of experience in the pest control industry. Each Mantis Service Professional receives extensive training on inspecting, detecting, and exterminating bed bugs in your home.


Safety is our number one concern. We utilize eco-friendly heat treatments and other eco-friendly treatment methods to rid your home of these terrible pests.

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Extermination Process

The extermination process for bed bugs is a meticulous and multi-step procedure aimed at effectively eradicating these resilient pests from homes and businesses. Mantis professionals employ a systematic approach to ensure thorough treatment and long-term success in eliminating bed bug infestations.

Our first step in the extermination process is a detailed inspection of the premises to identify the extent of the infestation, locate hiding spots, and determine the best course of action. This inspection is crucial in developing a customized treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of the property. Once the infestation is assessed, exterminators utilize a combination of techniques to eradicate bed bugs. 

Bed bug extermination often involves multiple treatment sessions to ensure that all life stages of the pests are eliminated. Follow-up inspections and monitoring are conducted to verify the effectiveness of the treatment and prevent any resurgence of bed bugs.

By entrusting the extermination process to trained professionals, property owners can benefit from comprehensive bed bug eradication, thorough treatment of infested areas, and expert guidance on preventive measures to avoid future infestations. Effective bed bug extermination not only restores peace of mind but also ensures a pest-free environment for occupants to enjoy.


What Mantis Pest Solutions Customers Are Saying

Very Thorough!

Jake was very thorough with my most recent application and his explanation of services and recommendations. Thank you!

Karen L. / Overland Park, KS


Jason was very informative and polite. He took the time to tell me his treatment process and made sure I understood what steps they were taking to prevent bugs from entering my home. This is a great local company and I look forward to continuing to use their services.

Alex W. / Lee's Summit, MO


Jake's work was efficient and  he got the job done quickly. Presented himself in a very professional manner.

Tricia S. / Lee's Summit, MO


Jake has always been courteous and respectful. He is quite knowledgeable. I will continue to use this service and recommend it to others.

Nan N. / Overland Park, KS


Derek was awesome. He called about 30 minutes before the predetermined appointment time. He was right on time. He was very helpful; very professional. He asked of my concerns. After our discussion, he got to work. He left no stone unturned; very thorough inside and out. He wasn't going to leave until he knew I was satisfied. Great experience and great customer service. Thanks Derek!

Steve G. / Lee's Summit, MO


I have been using their service for a little over a year and it’s been great. They’re very professional and the technician’s do a thorough job.

Phillip D. / Overland Park, KS

Super Helpful!

Used Mantis for a little over a year now, and have always had the same service individual (Jake) for each visit who is always super helpful, professional, and quick to assist with out of band service requests and/or questions.

Carol H. / Lee's Summit, MO

Great Quality!

Mantis is great quality at a reasonable prices. I've used them for about a year and my insect issues are non-existent. Scheduling is a breeze and they come when they say they will come. Never been an issue having a technician come out between regular service intervals as well. Derek was super polite, professional and punctual. In addition to him taking care of the wasps nests, he even applied a granular barrier in the event rain washed out the spray application. Overall, a highly satisfied customer!

Paul K. / Lee's Summit, MO

Fantastic Job!

Jason did a fantastic job. Called to say he was able to come earlier in the day if it worked out for us. He explained everything that he was doing and the expected outcome of the service. Professional and easy to talk with.

Shawn V. / Lee's Summit, MO

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