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Rodents are a common problem in Lawrence, Kansas and can cause significant damage to homes and businesses. Some of the most common types of rodents found in the area that we service include mice and rats.

These pests can enter buildings through small cracks and holes, and once inside, they can cause a range of problems. They can chew on wires and insulation, which can cause electrical fires or other damage. They can also contaminate food and surfaces with their droppings and urine, which can pose a health risk to humans.

To prevent rodent infestations, it’s important to seal any cracks or holes in your home or business that could provide an entry point. Keep food and garbage stored in tightly sealed containers, and clean up spills and crumbs promptly. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help prevent rodent infestations.

If you suspect a rodent infestation in your home or business, it’s important to take action immediately to prevent further damage and health risks. Signs of a rodent infestation can include droppings, gnaw marks, and strange sounds or smells.

At Mantis Pest Control, we offer professional and effective rodent control services in Lawrence and the surrounding areas. Our licensed technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify the extent of the infestation and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific situation.

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How to rid your home of rodents

Rodents reproduce at a rapid pace, which can quickly lead to an infestation if left unchecked. Rats and mice can start reproducing at a young age, with females capable of producing litters as early as five weeks old. Mice can have up to 10 litters per year, each containing up to 12 pups, while rats can produce up to 6 litters per year with up to 22 pups per litter. This means that a single pair of rodents can quickly become a full-blown infestation in a matter of months. Effective rodent control measures should be taken to prevent population growth and potential damage to property. 

Rodents are difficult to eliminate due to their high reproductive rate, ability to squeeze through small openings, and rapid adaptation to new environments. They have excellent senses and can quickly learn to avoid traps and baits. Mice and rats also have a strong sense of smell, which they use to navigate and communicate with each other. Effective rodent control requires a comprehensive plan that includes identifying and sealing entry points, using traps and baits strategically, and ongoing maintenance to prevent re-infestation.

Consider This: What Makes Mantis Different?


At Mantis, we leave no stone unturned. Our techniques target every crack and crevice to ensure your home becomes 100% Bed Bug-FREE once again!


We have decades of experience in the pest control industry. Each Mantis Service Professional receives extensive training on inspecting, detecting, and exterminating bed bugs in your home.


Safety is our number one concern. We utilize eco-friendly heat treatments and other eco-friendly treatment methods to rid your home of these terrible pests.

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Elimination Process of Rodents


Mantis Pest Control offers professional and effective rodent control services to eliminate these pests from your home or business.  We offer a variety of solutions to eliminate rodents, including trapping, baiting, exclusion, and sanitation measures.

Trapping is an effective method of catching rodents, and our technicians use a variety of traps tailored to the specific type and size of rodent present.

Baiting is another method we use to eliminate rodents. We use specialized baits that are palatable to rodents and contain a slow-acting poison that will kill them over time. 

Exclusion is an important part of rodent control, as it involves sealing up any cracks or holes that could provide an entry point for rodents.

Sanitation measures are another important part of rodent control. Rodents are attracted to food and garbage, so it’s important to keep these items stored in tightly sealed containers and clean up spills and crumbs promptly.

At Mantis Pest Control, we prioritize the safety of our customers and their families. Our methods are effective and fast-acting, ensuring that your property is free from rodents as quickly as possible. We also offer ongoing maintenance programs to prevent re-infestation and keep your property rodent-free in the long term.

What Mantis Pest Solutions Customers Are Saying

Very Thorough!

Jake was very thorough with my most recent application and his explanation of services and recommendations. Thank you!

Karen L. / Overland Park, KS


Jason was very informative and polite. He took the time to tell me his treatment process and made sure I understood what steps they were taking to prevent bugs from entering my home. This is a great local company and I look forward to continuing to use their services.

Alex W. / Lee's Summit, MO


Jake's work was efficient and  he got the job done quickly. Presented himself in a very professional manner.

Tricia S. / Lee's Summit, MO


Jake has always been courteous and respectful. He is quite knowledgeable. I will continue to use this service and recommend it to others.

Nan N. / Overland Park, KS


Derek was awesome. He called about 30 minutes before the predetermined appointment time. He was right on time. He was very helpful; very professional. He asked of my concerns. After our discussion, he got to work. He left no stone unturned; very thorough inside and out. He wasn't going to leave until he knew I was satisfied. Great experience and great customer service. Thanks Derek!

Steve G. / Lee's Summit, MO


I have been using their service for a little over a year and it’s been great. They’re very professional and the technician’s do a thorough job.

Phillip D. / Overland Park, KS

Super Helpful!

Used Mantis for a little over a year now, and have always had the same service individual (Jake) for each visit who is always super helpful, professional, and quick to assist with out of band service requests and/or questions.

Carol H. / Lee's Summit, MO

Great Quality!

Mantis is great quality at a reasonable prices. I've used them for about a year and my insect issues are non-existent. Scheduling is a breeze and they come when they say they will come. Never been an issue having a technician come out between regular service intervals as well. Derek was super polite, professional and punctual. In addition to him taking care of the wasps nests, he even applied a granular barrier in the event rain washed out the spray application. Overall, a highly satisfied customer!

Paul K. / Lee's Summit, MO

Fantastic Job!

Jason did a fantastic job. Called to say he was able to come earlier in the day if it worked out for us. He explained everything that he was doing and the expected outcome of the service. Professional and easy to talk with.

Shawn V. / Lee's Summit, MO

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