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Carpet Beetle Control in Kansas and Missouri

Carpet Beetles Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Concerned about carpet beetles in your home? Mantis pest solutions, your local Overland Park pest control company, will answer frequently asked questions about these invaders. What are the Tiny Black Bugs in My House? If you’ve discovered tiny black bugs crawling around your home, and they don’t bite, and their shells are hard and shiny,

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Repairing a Home from Termite Damage and Associated Costs

Discovering termite-infested wood or termite colonies in the heart of your Missouri home is quite distressing. Unlike other home repair tasks, termite damage cannot be ignored or postponed. That’s because wood-chewing pests are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, quietly feeding on anything wooden they come across. Fortunately, it’s rare that termites

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Tick Control Overland Park

Be Aware of Tick Season in Missouri

Ticks are irritating pests that cause discomfort to human beings. Not only do they cause discomfort, but they also can make you and your pets sick. The problem is many residents of Missouri share their yards with these irritating creatures. This tick season, we got your back with a pest control service designed to prevent

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Why do ants come into the house in the summer?

Ants are social insects that live in large colonies made up of different castes of ants. The queen ant is the head of the colony and she remains inside to lay eggs. The other ant castes forage for food outside and bring it back to the nest to feed their fellow ants. Ants are particularly

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How to prevent rodents from entering your home

Kansas City is among the top 25 cities for rodent activity

Kansas City is among the top 25 cities for rodent activity and since the pandemic started rodent populations have markedly increased. This is largely due to lowered levels of human activity and a change in food availability. Along with the increase in rodent populations, cases of leptospirosis and salmonella have spiked, being spread directly by

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How to Get Rid of Termites in Your Rental Properly

What would you do with 5 billion dollars? We are sure you wouldn’t want to spend it repairing damage from termites. The sad fact is, that is exactly how much US residents pay each year fixing damage termites cause in their homes. The costs can be even more than an average homeowner if you are

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bee keeping suit and bees

3 DIY Steps to making your own beekeeper suit

Whether you take beekeeping as a profession or a hobby, every beekeeper knows that getting stung is not fun! A beekeeper suit is the single most crucial accessory protecting a beekeeper from those painful stings. So, you can put all the thoughts of getting stung away and work fearlessly and more productively with your hives

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how to have a bug free christmas tree

How to Make Sure Your Christmas Tree is Bug-Free

Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year – a time for appreciating friends and family, giving and receiving gifts, eating great food and making priceless memories. And, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree. Coming in all types and sizes, each year we put up our Christmas tree

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