Pests are a nuisance in your house and you should understand the effects of pests on human health to know why you should take prompt action to control them. Rodent may seem harmless but the effects of rodents on one’s health are very serious and you have to get rid of them at any cost. Insects are also troublesome to humans and there are many insects affecting human health and you need to be careful with these as they can cause serious allergies and other health conditions that may need immediate medical attention.

Here are harmful effects of pest on human health  by some common pests found in your home:

  • Ants: are the little creepy insects that come to your home in thousands and may look harmless but they are capable of causing many health risks through their bites and stings. Fire ants inject venom during their sting and this venom may cause a lot of health problems like pain, swelling, and discomfort and may lead to Nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhea, chest pain, dizziness, and difficulty breathing in some persons due to the allergic reactions of the venom.


  • Bedbugs: the effects of pest on human health are more mental than physical. If your house is infested with bedbugs, they cause harm to your health, lifestyle and home furnishings. They bite you in the night while you are asleep that causes itching and you scratch the area unconsciously leading to flesh wounds that become sites of infection like impetigo, boils and cellulitis. If you are allergic to bed bug bite you may develop even life-threatening symptoms. Deprivation of sleep during the night time is the most devastating effect of pests on humans posed by bedbugs leading to impaired thinking, accidents, loss of appetite heart diseases, etc. Bed bugs also cause mental stress and anxiety.


  • Cockroaches occupy an important place among the insects affecting human health. These are found in dark damp places in your home like drains and sewers and can multiply very fast. These carry very serious health risks to humans. They shed their skin, droppings, and urine everywhere they roam and these become substances of allergens in no time. Those who are suffering from Asthma, children and those who are sensitive to allergies are most affected by cockroaches. As they roam everywhere with their dirty legs they spread bacteria and other types of pathogens by contaminating foods and other utility areas.


  • Mosquitoes: Is one of the primary insects affecting human health and their effect of pest on human health is very serious. They are very annoying and irritating and are potential carriers of many diseases many of which are life-threatening and life-changing. There are many varieties of mosquitoes and they spread many diseases like Zika, Dengue, Malaria, etc and they are able to spread these through their bites. They transmit the disease-causing pathogens from one person to another directly into the bloodstream and pose more serious health risk than other pests.
  • Rodents: are everywhere and they are one of the most populous mammals in the animal kingdom accounting for more than 43% of all mammals. There are more than 2220 species of rodents and the effect of rodents on human health cannot be underestimated. They are capable of spreading more than 35 diseases through their bites and contamination caused by them. They pollute water and food easily with their urine and feces. They are also carrying pathogens and bacteria from dirty places as they crawl on all places looking for food. The effect of rodents on humans is serious as they spread the diseases by contaminating the human living space with their urine and feces, by transmitting filth and bacteria by physical contact, and through bites when they bite humans. Added to this is the health risk posed by ectoparasites like fleas, ticks, lice, and mites that feed both on the rodents and humans.


  • Silverfish: these oldest insects roaming for the past 400 million years is itself does not pose much health risk and hence they can be taken as the least dangerous insects affecting humans they pose a health risk due to the dropping of their skin during molting and the resulting scaling particles may give you allergic reactions. They are annoying as they cause damage to your belongings.


  • Spiders: Spiders are mostly harmless but among them, some of the species like the black widow, brown recluse pose a health risk to humans. These spiders can invade your home, and build their nests in the dark, warm parts of your home and you may be near them many times without even realizing it. They pose danger to humans with their venomous bites. Some persons show very severe reactions to the spider bites while for some of them it leads to very minimal symptoms.  The most common symptom after a bite is the appearance of a rah, swelling at the site of the bite. In the case of black widow bite, it may give fever, chills, to whole body muscle cramps and spasms. In rare cases, spider venom leads to blood clots, damaged red blood corpuscles, internal bleeding, and extreme cases may even lead to death.


  • Fleas and Ticks: cause many potential health problems to your pets like dogs and cats. Though they do not cause any direct health problem in humans they are really frustrating to the cats and dogs. They cause itching, lowering of appetite and skin rashes in the animals, and are known to spread tapeworm in dogs.

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