Summer is an extremely busy time of the year. School is out, vacations are on and the pests are active! We are halfway through the summer here in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and that means Mantis Pest Solutions has received many calls from potential customers in regards to just about every bug, insect and spider there is. However, I have noticed that certain types of pests are being called about more frequently than others. Today, I want to go over the top 5 pests we receive the most calls about. Fell free to watch the video or read more about each pest below.




Flea & Tick Removal

The first pest we are going to talk about is the flea: There are around 30 different types of fleas found in Missouri, but the most common flea we encounter in Lee’s Summit is the cat flea. Don’t let the name fool you, cat fleas aren’t specific to just cats, they also feed on dogs and sometimes humans. Fleas can reproduce quickly so early action is essential in controlling this pest. Female fleas will lay between 4-8 eggs each time they feed. So over the span of a single flea’s life, they can lay somewhere between 400-800 eggs. What’s more, is flea eggs hatch within 10 days of being laid.


Not only is the reproductive pattern of the flea alarming, but the pathogens they carry may be even worse. Many fleas use the blood of mice or rats as food. These mice and rats carry plague and murine typhus and in turn these diseases are passed to the flea. Fleas can also carry a type of tapeworm that can infect dogs and very young children. Please read our blog to learn 5 effective way to prevent fleas on dogs and other pets.  Signs of a flea infestation will be seeing active adults, your pet itching and scratching constantly or you notice bites around your ankles. If you suspect flea activity in your home, don’t delay, give Mantis Pest Solutions a call!

Get Rid of Mosquitoes

#2 Mosquitos. Over the past few years, you have undoubtedly heard, watched or read reports relating to the diseases and viruses carried by mosquitoes. From Zika, malaria, typhus, yellow fever, West Nile, encephalitis and others, it can be nerve racking to think you might be a single mosquito bite away from contracting one of these diseases. Missouri is home to almost 50 different types of mosquitoes. While there have not been any cases of Zika originating from Missouri, we do have the type of mosquito that can carry that virus. Adult female mosquitoes will lay their eggs on the surface of still or stagnant water. Once the eggs come in contact with the water, they take about 3 days to hatch and go into the pupal stage.The whole process from the egg, to pupa, to adult, only takes about 10 days to complete. A female mosquito will lay between 100-400 eggs or more throughout her short lifespan.


In order to help prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your property make sure there is no standing water. Places to inspect are rain gutters, water collecting dishes underneath potted plants, childrens toys that may gather rain when left outside, or other areas that are likely to have water pool for several days after it rains. If your yard is prone to puddles forming after it rains, consider changing the grade so there is better run off. Although mosquito repellent and doing the things mentioned I recommend looking at our Lee’s Summit Mosquito control package especially if you live in any wooded areas, or by any ponds, lakes or rivers.

Get Rid of Ants

#3 Ants. Ants are a nuisance and are the #1 pest faced by pest professionals nationally. The most common ant to find inside of homes in Lee’ Summit is the Odorous House Ant. This ant gets its name from the odor emitted when crushed. Probably the best way to describe the smell is a rotten coconut-like odor. These ants can nest both inside the walls of your home and outside around the foundation. Ants are highly affected by our climate. Odorous house ants enter homes looking for either food, shelter or water when it is too cold, too hot, too wet or too dry. Ants can be seen trailing by the hundreds or just a few scouts looking for that ideal place to call home. One of the main things you can do to keep ants out of your home is to seal up any small gaps or cracks where they can find an entrance. Crevices around windows, doors, or even where hoses and other pipes enter the home should be sealed. If you continue to see ants inside or outside of your home, in spite of your best efforts, give us a call and Mantis Pest Solutions will rid your home of these pests!

Get Rid of Spiders

#4 Spiders. North America is home to approximately 3,000 different types of spiders. Of those spiders, only a few are considered dangerous to man. Two of which are found in the Lee’s Summit area, the black widow and brown recluse spiders. The brown recluse spider can be found in almost every home, however, bites rarely occur when compared to the number spiders potentially living in a home. The homes with the most susceptibility are those with cedar shake roofing. There are many gaps to which spiders can creep through, plus one of their favorite food is silverfish. Silverfish thrive in the heat of an attic and brown recluse’s drawn in to feed on the silverfish. Recluse spiders generally like to be in areas that are largely undisturbed. Things like seldom-used articles of clothing and shoes in closets, unoccupied rooms, storage boxes, attics, basements and behind beds. Brown recluse spiders will only bite when they feel threatened. Thus most bites occur when pressure is put on them by the wearing of clothing, shoes or rolled on while sleeping. The best way to prevent bites is by shaking clothing and shoes well that haven’t been worn in awhile, inspecting open boxes before using and keeping bed spreads and sheets from touching the floor. Glue or sticky traps can be used in areas of the home where Brown recluses may be suspected of taking harborage. If you have seen spiders in your home and are worried whether or not treatment is necessary, give Mantis Pest Solutions a call and we can inspect the area free of charge!

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

And finally #5. Bed bugs. Bed bugs have made a serious comeback in the last decade or so. There are several factors as to why bed bugs have made a resurgence recently and it is likely this pest is here to stay! Studies have shown that bed bugs are one of the quickest bugs to develop resistance to a number of pest control products. On top of that, bed bugs have flat bodies which are ideal for hiding in the smallest of cracks and crevices. A female bed bug will lay approximately 4 eggs each day. Those eggs then go on to hatch approximately 10-14 days after. A single female bedbug can lay over 540 eggs in her lifetime. Generally, bed bug infestations start slow but can explode if signs are not noticed early on. A few things to look for: dark brown or blood-like splotches on bed sheets and pillowcases. Dark markings on bed frames and box springs. Adult bed bugs are small and may not be readily seen, however, it is a good idea to routinely check for signs of bed bugs in the seams of your mattress, on the bed frame where the box spring rests and other areas around your bed. You can reduce the likelihood of getting bed bugs by not picking up furniture and other items that are left on the side of the road or purchasing furniture at garage and yard sales. Also thoroughly check your luggage upon return home from traveling. You can find other tips on our blog to avoid getting bed bugs while traveling. Along with other pest related articles.


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