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Most of the pet owners who live out there in the world get into illnesses because of fleas. As a result, flea treatment and flea removal has become a popular topic among them.  Mantis Pest Solutions is here to not just prevent these illnesses to homeowners in Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas, but also to their pets. Fleas are extremely tiny creatures, which are about 2.5mm long. They have a reddish brown body color, which is covered in microscopic hair. The hair helps them to move from one place to another through the animal fur.

As mentioned earlier, pets introduce fleas to homes. In fact, fleas depend on a blood meal from the host in order to survive. When they get into the home, they also try to depend on the other hosts that can be found around the home. Therefore, fleas can become an inside problem, even if the host that introduced them to the home is removed.  Fleas can get into your home even if you don’t have pets. For example, they can even get into the fur of mice and come to your home. Therefore, you should take necessary measures in order to seal all the holes, gaps and cracks that rodents can come into your home.

Fleas are relatively easy to be seen during the adult stage. They can easily be seen when you return home after a long journey. In other words, fleas would tend to greet your pets by trying to land on them. Fleas prefer to lay eggs under or within the furniture that you have inside your home. If you take a look inside the pet’s bedding, you will easily be able to find flea eggs. Moreover, they also prefer to lay eggs and breed inside the grooves and cracks that you can find in the carpets and floors.

It has been identified that the immature stage of fleas are extremely cryptic. Therefore, you need to pay special attention towards flea treatment as well. If you notice fleas inside your home, the best and the most convenient solution available for you would be to contact a pest control professional like us by filling out the form to the right or calling us at (816) 287- 5030. You will also be able to find a lot of over the counter products, which claim to eliminate fleas from the homes. Most of these products are in a position to deliver temporary results as they cannot get rid of the root cause behind a flea infestation. We will send a flea expert to your home, conduct an inspection to figure out where the fleas are residing and take necessary measures in order to get rid of them.

As a pet owner in Lee’s Summit, you should also get in touch with your veterinarian and get to know about a product, which can be used on your pets to get rid of fleas in the future. If you can groom and bathe your pets on a regular basis, you will be able to minimize the flea infections. On the other hand, you should frequently wash pet bedding because you can easily find fleas in there. All these steps of flea treatment are effective and you can try them without a doubt on mind.

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