With no doubt mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world. Statistics shows that mosquitoes are responsible for millions of deaths around the world. Mosquitoes transmit different diseases in the form of Malaria, Dengue fever, zika also known as chikungunya, yellow fever and west Nile virus. These viruses are critical problems throughout the world and it is important to take action to avoid bites from deadly mosquitos. Before treating yourself, it is best to identify where mosquitoes live, under which conditions do they breed, and how to repel or kill them.

  1. Wear mosquito repellents

Wearing mosquito repellent is a great preventative measure to avoid mosquito bites. There are many specially-formulated repellents available on the market. Apply any of these repellents to uncovered skin when you are outside, during both day and evening. It is best to apply repellents with a great DEET percentage since it stays active longer. However, DEET is not recommended to be used in large quantities for improved effectiveness, plus researchers have concluded that it can also improve the risk of skin cancer.

  1. Try out citronella oil

Natural remedies can come in handy too. It is proven that Citronella, tea tree oil and vitamin B have given positive results in the process of avoiding mosquito bites. It all depends on our skin pigment and the type of mosquitoes which attack you.

  1. Dress appropriately to cover your body

The way you dress also matters a lot when protecting yourself from mosquitoes. It is ideal to wear comfortable, loose fitting long sleeve shirts and long pants when you are outside. These types of clothing cover your skin and mosquitoes will find it hard to reach. It is really important to keep your clothing as loose as possible. Loose fitting clothing helps to ensure that mosquitoes cannot bite you since your clothes are not attached to your body and it provides great comfort during hot days where mosquitos hunt the most.

  1. Get a mosquito net

It is very important to have a mosquito net fixed above the all the beds within your residence. Make sure that the mosquito nets have dissent holes to allow breeze flow in and prevent mosquitoes and other bugs entering the net. Provide the net with great support and hang it on a safe surface. Avoid contact with the net fixed, because mosquitoes can bite through when the net is clung to your body. Check the net on a regular basis because even small damage or wear and tear could easily make access for deadly mosquitos.

  1. Get rid of mosquito breeding habitats

Mosquitoes are attracted to water, especially standing water found in lakes, stagnant creeks, bogs, or marshes. They look for standing water, especially during hot months. Most mosquito species lay eggs in these stagnant water areas. So it is best to avoid these areas.Your own garden could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure there isn’t a single place for water to hold. For an example, a kid’s pool left outside, rain gutters, flower and vegetable pots or any other container with an open lid could easily fill up with water during rainy days. So if any of these things are in your yard, check them regularly to make sure water isn’t collecting. If water is collecting, pour the water out and if possible turn the container over so it can’t continue to collect water. Getting rid of standing water a lone may not be enough especially if you live by a lake. We recommend getting a  mosquito treatment for your yard on a regular basis during mosquito season. Mosquitoes breed quickly so it is important to disrupt their laying cycle in order to eliminate mosquitoes from your yard.

We hope these tips will keep you protected from the scratching that mosquitoes bites bring as well as diseases like Zika they may carry. If you are interested in our mosquito control services in Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas please give us at call at 816-287-5030.

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