The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread disruption for everyone. It’s more than likely to have put a strain on your business and family life. And having a pest infestation on top of all that is going to be the last straw for many people. While it’s not possible for pest controllers to work from home, we are committed to making pest treatments as safe for you as possible.

Because homeowners still need  to carry out treatments on their properties, we are here to accommodate you by finding ways around the situation.

We found a lot of useful info about pest control and coronavirus on London based company Diamond Pest Control‘s blog. For example, they talk about the long term effects of COVID-19 on pest problems in London and the impact it’s had on their customers. One solution is that pest control can be done from a social distance. We’re looking at some of the ways that can be put into practice below.

We Support You Wherever We Are

Pest control sales and customer service teams companies can offer support in the normal way on the phone or by email. Social contact has to be kept to an absolute minimum at the moment. This means that the more precautions that can be taken, the more we are minimizing our staff‘s exposure to the virus and, in turn, protect you, the customer. Local councils around the country and various counties in Missouri and Kansas have given the public recommendations for pest control and COVID-19 practices. All the best, most reliable and professional pest control companies are following these kinds of COVID-secure guidelines.

Technicians Can Start from Home

At the moment, many pest companies don’t allow all of their pest technicians to gather in an indoor space at one time. Instead, many have their operatives based at home instead, and send their guys out to jobs as and when needed. If they need to visit the office to restock on supplies and chemicals, they do so in a staggered way. The industry is doing everything in their power to keep everyone involved safe.

Steps To Take Before a Pest Control Visit

If a home visit is necessary to carry out a pest control treatment on your property, certain precautions have to be taken before and during the process.

  • Keep all family members at least 2 metres away from the pest technician at all times. This includes pets.
  • Try to keep the visit in a well-ventilated area. Interact outdoors wherever possible.
  • Make sure you inform your pest control company ahead of time when someone in your household is self-isolating because of symptoms. This is so we can put extra precautions in place before attending or reschedule once the quarantine period is over.
  • Only one technician should be attending if feasible, in order to maintain as much social distancing as possible.

We found more helpful guidance about how pest controllers are working safely during COVID-19 in people’s homes on the National Pest Technicians Association website. We hope you will find the info reassuring at this time.

Temporary Relief

To adhere to social distancing guidelines, or if you are quarantining, a pest specialist may be able to provide you with temporary relief from pest infestations.

 This would be a temporary measure to support your immediate needs instead of having to carry out a home visit. You can ask them what options they are able to offer while the pandemic is still an issue. Our pest experts may be able to give you information and provide equipment like traps or monitors so that a visit can be delayed. Where practical, a great pest control company will often give prevention and removal advice so that their customers can take some measures themselves until such time as they are able to have a technician in their home.