Bed bugs are annoying pests. Their bites are not painful but can be discomforting. Bed bugs can be seen in dirty places with lots of clutter and can live in the cleanest of homes. Bed Bugs can only survive in places where they are close to a host so they can feed. Since they depend on blood meals taken by biting humans and sometimes pets, homes are a great environment for bed bugs.  Bed bugs love to hide in crevices in the home and are not readily seen; they are good at hiding both during the day and night. They only come out to take a blood meal and usually restrict their feeding to humans that sit or stand close to where they are hiding, especially during the night.

Do you reside in Kansas City or close by cities like Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, or Overland Park and are having bed bug problems? Do you want to also prevent bed bug infestations from building in your home? The information provided below will enlighten you about where bed bugs can hide in the home. Knowing their hiding places will make their eradication easier and more precise.  

Some preferred hiding places in your home

Bed bugs love to hide in protected, sturdy, dark places. They also like undisturbed places and are likely to hide in places like the underside of the box spring and also the seams and folds of your mattress surface.  Bed bugs can also be found on throw pillows or seat cushions. They are most often found in places where they will not be harmed or noticed. The real question is how do bed bugs enter your home? Bed bugs can comes from hotels and other places when you are traveling, but more commonly come from local places in the area.  

Below is a list of public places where you can find bed bugs:  


Many libraries across the country, including Kansas City have recorded bed bug infestations. In fact, the Shawnee library recently had to close because of a bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can also be found in chairs in the libraries. They can be  brought into the libraries by staffers and readers. Readers, who have bed bugs at home, may bring the pest into the library with the pest hiding in books, bags, and even DVD cases. Some readers returning the books they have borrowed from the library can equally bring the books with bedbugs smartly hiding in them. These bed bugs then spread and can be found in the underside of chairs in the libraries. Perfect places to hitchhike home.

Although libraries and many other public places can regularly check for bed bugs it can be hard to keep every single bed bug out since they can rarely control what the readers or staffers bring into the library.  


Bed bugs can be brought into daycare and schools by the children or students if these individuals have bed bugs at home. Children at daycares share cots and toys and they can spread the bedbugs to other people and places at the daycare.

School, and colleges

Backpacks are a great vehicle for bed bugs. If they aren’t on the students they are usually stored in common places that don’t get cleaned as well as they should or even the floor. If bed bugs travel through clothes they can then infest other students and areas where they spend time.. If you ever get bed bugs and have kids going to school you should check and see if the school has a bed bug policy to prevent a bed bug infestation. That being said, generally your child should not have to skip school if the home and clothes inside the home have been treated.


There is no limit to where you can find bed bugs; they also do not discriminate against hospitals.  Patients can bring these pests from home, same for the doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members. The pests will infest the beds, chairs, and other furniture items at the hospital, which will lead to a spread of the pest. Consequently, patients that came into the hospital without bed bugs may leave for home with bed bugs hitching a ride in their bags, shoes and other personal items.

Business offices

Bed bugs are found in places where humans congregate, and business offices are not spared from the least. The bed bugs can be brought to the office by the staff members and customers; these pests may be hiding in the boxes, briefcases, backpacks and even the business suites of the customers and staff members. Once they gain access into the business office, the pests quickly locate strategic places to hide and multiply, like the crevices of furniture items. They can also hide under chairs, tables or other well-secluded areas where they can procreate in peace.  In fact, many retails stores where you buy items like clothes or furniture are great ways for bed bugs to travel and enter your home. If you buy clothes or furniture you should always check for bed bugs, prior to the item entering your home, especially from thrift stores.

The other public places where bed bugs can be found aside from the places discussed above are highlighted below:

  • Retail stores
  • Movie theatre
  • Buses, trains and even planes
  • Places of worship
  • Laundry facilities
  • Yard sales, thrift shops, and consignments


One thing is common about the places discussed above: people visit the places in droves. Consequently, the survival of bed bugs in a particular area depends on the presence and frequency of human traffic (its prey) in that area. Bear in mind that bed bugs feed solely on blood. The absence of humans in a particular location for a prolonged period will not cause their death because they can go without a blood meal for many months.   


Bedbugs crave self-preservation like virtually every living thing.  They, therefore, prefer hidden places where humans will not notice them. Bear in mind that they can only live in a place where their food source visit frequently. They also cannot bite you through your clothes but prefer to bite you at spots not covered by clothes, like your neck and face. You can eliminate them from every corner of the home, office or place of worship by partnering with professional pest control company in Kansas City and its surrounding towns, like Shawnee and Overland Park, who can get rid of them, irrespective of where they are hiding.