Bed bugs are horrible pests. The cause itching, bad odor and can cause anxiety and stress to some people when they live in places infested with bed bugs. Complete elimination is a difficult task, especially when using chemicals. The use of heat has proved an effective method of eradicating bed bugs. Bed bug heaters rely on high heat of up to 46 degrees Celsius or 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Use of bed bug heaters come with advantages as discussed below.

Bed bug heat treatment is an eco-friendly bed bug elimination method.  With some chemicals safe to use, they still cause problems, especially to odor sensitive people. Heat treatment, on the other hand, is a totally green and non-toxic solution as it leaves no smell or causes any harm to the residents of the premises. The use of bed bug heaters conserves the ecosystem.

The high tech used in bed bug heaters ensures complete eradication of bed bugs.  The heat generated is effectively spread and penetrates through crevices hardest to reach, ensuring no bed bug gets away. The use of chemicals leads to the rise of offsprings that are more resistant to pesticides. This can lead to a bigger challenge in the future if you continue relying on pesticides. On the other hand, heat treatment eliminates pesticide-resistant bed bugs easily. There is nothing like heat resistant bed bugs.

A bed bug heat treatment works in hours. The use of chemicals can be safe and effective but require more time and may require follow up treatments. Heat treatment is effective and only takes a few hours on a given day. Since you will be away for a few hours, you don’t have to make arrangements for spending your time and money in hotels.

While using heat treatment, you don’t need to take get rid of your belonging or throw away some of your clothes.  A bed bug heater covers all the corners of your house with all your belonging intact. Once you have used heat treatment in your home, you immediately move back as there are no chemicals to dissipate or stuff that needs to be taken back n the house.

When using chemicals to eliminate bed bugs, it is advisable to inform the neighboring businesses or residents. When using heat treatment, the surrounding areas are not affected. This means that businesses or residents near you can continue with their activities with nothing to worry about.

Use of heat treatment freshens your home and eliminates chemicals or other causes of bad odor in your home. Using bed bug heaters not only eradicates the bed bugs but also takes care of rodents and insects that may have invaded your home. Using heat protects you and your loved ones from any diseases or allergies that may be caused by dust and moisture lodging in your home.

The use of bed bug heaters has offered a better option of eliminating bed bugs. This comes at a time when many people are avoiding the use of chemicals. The world is advocating for eco-friendly ways of solving problems and heat treatment is proving valuable in the eradication of bed bugs.

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Michael Ferkiss:

Michael purchased PestPro Thermal Inc. with a partner in March of 2019 and has since delivered a market-disrupting technology – the world’s first self-contained powered truck using the engine under the hood to power electric bed bug heaters.