Grass spiders- named after their preferred habitat, and otherwise known as ‘funnel weavers’ –are a bane to any garden, turning a pleasant walk on your lawn into a stressful series of manoeuvres designed to avoid the eight-legged beasts. Though harmless, grass spiders aren’t able to build webs strong enough to house them in an arch, doorway or other raised area. As such, they make their home on the ground, and weave their webs on the grass, their funnel-shaped webs catching pray unlucky enough to wander into their trap.


This is unfortunate for anyone with a lawn- especially for those who find spiders fearful, disgusting, or simply a nuisance. More than the worry of running into the sizeable critters themselves in the garden, or picking up their web on your shoes, and everything the web has caught, grass spiders can also make their way into your home. So, it’s no surprise that you’re looking for a way to get rid of them. Although not dangerous asking how to get rid of grass spiders is a very common pest control question. Here are a few different things you can try in to get rid of spiders from your lawn, and prevent them getting into your house, for good.


Diazinon-based insecticide.


Suitable alternative active ingredients include: pyrethrin, allethrin and resmethrin, which are all also proven to kill spiders. If you have a limited amount of time, or a large amount of ground that you want to control the grass spider population of, then a chemical spray is the go-to for your insect problems, grass spiders included. However, with the convenience of a spray comes the added drawbacks, if you have animals or children who play in the lawn, the chemicals they inhale could be harmful to them, and it can also affect other wildlife along the food chain. All though it is great to get rid of grass spiders there are other pest in Kansas that it won’t get rid of. Many products are one pest removes and you would need to buy several different products to get rid of all of your pests in Overland Park.


Call pest control.


If you have any pest related problem, spider or otherwise, it’s always best to call pest control as they can identify what measures would be best for your unique situation, and carry out spider control accordingly at your home in Overland Park. More than this, they can rid you of your spider problem for good, quickly, with very little effort on your part.


If you live rent your home Overland Park, and you’re having a grass spider problem, you might be asking yourself this: is the landlord responsible for spiders, and other pest-related problems, or am I? it is a good question to ask along with other pest problems you may encounter.


However, there are things which you can do to prevent pests such as grass spiders from coming into your home, to reduce the inconvenience to both you and your landlord. More than the chemical quick fixes, which should ensure that any spiders on your lawn are killed, leaving you free to use your lawn without the worry of encountering any unwanted guests, there are a number of measures you can take to make your home and garden less appealing to garden spiders. Here are a few preventative measures you can take, which could encourage your current infestation to move along, as well as discourage possible future invaders:


Remove debris.


While this may not be a quick fix, removing debris from your garden, such as wood, clumps of leaves and anything else that grass spiders might use to aid their web building. Moreover, long grass can also make your lawn look more appealing to the grass spider, so ensuring that your grass is regularly cut, and that your plants are trimmed and pruned often, can help to repel grass spiders, and encourage any spiders which already live on your lawn to settle somewhere else.


Exercise control over potential pray in your home.


Generally, animals follow their food. If you leave food out in your home, or have holes in your walls that need filling, you’re likely to house an abundance of creepy crawlies which, in turn, will make your home appear as a gourmet restaurant to invading spiders. So, to minimise the appeal of your home, always make sure to store your food well, and take measures to protect your home against invaders like ants, flies and beetles.


By following these procedures, we’re confident that you’ll be grass-spider free in no time, especially if you call spider control and our other pest control services- you’ll be free from pests in no time.