Pest control in Lee’s Summit is what we know and what we do best here at Mantis Pest Solutions. It’s tricky for homeowners to stay on top of all the possible infestations they may face as property owners. Throughout the year, our homes are subject to all sorts of invasion attempts.

Often enough, these attempts come from nuisance wildlife and pests like termites. Termites don’t prey on people, but they’re outright awful roommates and should be treated as a serious threat whenever encountered in the home.

You’re Likely Never To See A Termite

Termites in Lee’s Summit are similar in appearance to ants. That is, in their mechanical structure and body layout. Termites usually range from white to tan, and this is probably their main identifying feature, too. Many homeowners have reported seeing “white ants” on their property, which is a telltale sign for pest control professionals that termites are on the scene.

That said, termites are not usually ones to make themselves known to homeowners. While they may wander out at times, they are quite content to remain out of sight where shelter and safety are plentiful.

Despite being brighter in color than most other pest insects, their “stealthy” nature, makes the many different kinds of termites formidable pests for any homeowner to deal with.

If you do see a termite in or around your home, consider your luck somewhere right in the middle of the scale; it’s never a good thing to have termites in your home, but it’s very fortunate to get eyes on the problem. Most homeowners aren’t so lucky.

The Extent Of Structural Damage Termites Can Create To Your Home

Adult termites on your property are a serious structural hazard. While it may seem like a fantasy that these insects can actually dine on wood pulp (and, therefore, your house itself), they can do a fairly good job destroying it. Many homeowners have lost their homes or have had to make significant repairs because of termites.

While these pests don’t prey on humans directly, they are a serious risk to any structure they inhabit. Termites can destroy the structural integrity of a home over time, and that’s not hyperbole.

Why Annual Termite Inspections Are So Important

Termites are unlike many other types of pests in that they can remain almost totally hidden from homeowners – until it’s too late. Because termites can and do cause structural damage to homes, it’s imperative to make sure they haven’t set up shop in your house in secret.

As if that weren’t enough, a termite problem isn’t likely to go away on its own. Once these critters have made their way inside, they’ll remain there until you do something about them. Don’t wait too long – your home suffers every day that termites are in the picture.

It’s also important to consider the “stealthy” nature of termites. Only professionals are likely to have a shot at identifying a horde of termites when truly hidden out of sight and mind.

Professional Termite Control Is The Best Termite Control Solution

If you want to stay on top of termite control duties around your home, the steps to follow are quite straightforward. Being observant and following good property and home maintenance practices will go a long way.

That said, only termite control professionals are able to thoroughly examine, diagnose, and eventually eliminate an infestation of termites. These insects are too crafty to be threatened by the average homeowner. Call Mantis Pest Solutions for all of your termite and pest control needs.