It doesn’t take long for a colony of termites to lay waste to the wood in your Overland Park home if left undetected for long. However, you can learn more about what attracts termites to your home and how to prevent them from staying.

Termites are one pest you don’t want to attempt to exterminate on your own with various pest control solutions. Instead, an Overland Park pest control company has more effective ways to treat termites and protect your property.

The Life Cycle Of A Termite Colony

Termites in Overland Park can successfully destroy a home for years without detection, partly because of their life cycle. Once a colony safely hides behind walls, they can gradually destroy wood, bore tunnels, and reproduce.

Everything starts with a swarming event, where mature termites emerge from established colonies to mate and create a new colony. A mature male and female termite will pair and become the colony’s new king and queen.

Next, the queen will release eggs, which eventually develop into larvae. The larvae will grow into workers and soldiers or serve secondary reproductive supports called alates to help the colony. As the colony expands, the alates leave to mate and swarm, creating new colonies nearby.

Keep in mind that a termite colony’s life cycle unfolds over a few years. The species of termite and the conditions inside a home determine the lifespan of this insect.

How Quickly Termites Can Destroy A House

It’s incredible how a colony of insects that measure up to an inch in size or smaller can do so much damage undetected. Once termites enter a property, they spread out and can comfortably destroy the building’s structural integrity over the years. Thankfully, most homeowners schedule a visit from a company for termite and pest control to get rid of termites in your Overland Park home before it’s too late.

How long it takes termites to damage a home depends on the colony’s size, the species, and how long termites go undetected and untreated. A sizable colony of termites, around 60,000, might be able to consume a 2×4 in as little as five months. If termites in your home infest damp wood or wooden structures in poor repair, this also impacts how long it takes for the property to succumb to damage.

Natural Ways To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

There is usually a solution for every problem, and the same goes for termites. You can take steps to keep termites at bay and hire a pest control company like Mantis Pest Solutions to treat your home.

Try the following termite prevention tips to make your home less termite-friendly:

  • Consider spritzing a diluted spray of clove, cinnamon, peppermint, or orange essential oils to irritate termites.
  • Put down mesh or stone barriers around your home between the foundation and your yard to reduce moisture and contact with the soil. 
  • Use treated wood to reduce the attractiveness to termites for fences, doors, window frames, and more.
  • Remove clutter around your home, like yard debris, newspapers, cardboard, trash, and wood piles.
  • Take care of any leaks or sources of moisture that make your home attractive to termites. Inspect plumbing, entry points like the roof, poor drainage, and damaged walls.

Use common sense strategies to reduce access to food and moisture sources for termites. It’s also important to regularly invest in annual termite inspections by a professional to ensure your home is safe from these pests.

The Secret To Total Termite Control For Your Home

Take time to inspect your home and look for evidence of termites, such as warped, bubbling paint, piles of sawdust, or wood-colored, pellet-like termite excrement. Stay vigilant, and don’t delay contacting the best Overland Park termite control company if you notice mud tubes, discarded wings, or structural damage.

Send termites packing and get them out of your home by calling Mantis Pest Solutions. We provide customized pest control solutions that are safe for families and pets. Call Mantis Pest Solutions for a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Overland Park.