It’s that time of year where everyone starts spring cleaning. We have compiled a variety of tasks to help organize your spring cleaning into one easy cleaning checklist. Doing the tasks on the checklist will not only leave your house clean, but protect it from a variety of pests that can enter your home. These tasks can also kill some those pests that may have spent the winter in your home.  Some of these things are so important that we do many of these checks each time we do one of our pest control services. Here is a printable spring cleaning checklist for your convenience.

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The Kitchen

Pests like humans must eat to survive and the best place for them to find food is in your pantry and kitchen. The Fruit Loop that was accidently swept under the oven could be a main source of food for many of the bugs that could be nesting underneath your oven.

  • deep clean the dishwasher
  • clean and organize the refrigerator
  • clean and organize the freezer
  • vacuum refrigerator coils
  • clean the oven
  • clean stove top burners
  • clean and disinfect the garbage disposal
  • clean and organize plastic and other food storage containers
  • organize the pantry
  • clean and organize kitchen drawers
  • deep clean pots, pans, and bakeware
  • clean the hood vent and change filter if needed
  • clean and disinfect small appliances
  • reorganize kitchen cabinets and drawers
  • clean the pot rack
  • clean and disinfect the trash can
  • straighten cups, mugs, and glasses in the cabinets and cupboard
  • clean and disinfect high chairs
  • deep clean and polish cabinet doors
  • clean tile and use touch up paint on walls
  • deep clean floors
  • disinfect door knobs, light fixtures and pulls
  • clean the microwave
  • clean under the sink and eliminate the unnecessary
  • Reset Mouse traps
  • Change out spider and cockroach traps
  • Sweep away cobwebs
  • Clean other areas that don’t see the light of day
  • clean vents
  • clean crumbs out of your toaster
  • clean under fridge and stove



The Bedrooms

Sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite! Follow these steps to prevent things such as bed bugs, rodents, and spiders from interrupting your sleep.

  • Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens
  • For each drawer: remove items, wash drawer, place items back neatly.  Donate Items you no longer need. 
  • Remove everything from closets. Sweep and wash closet floor. Put everything back neatly.
  • Donate items you no longer need.  Try not to store things on closet floor.
  • Move Bed.  Sweep or vacuum under bed.  Try not to store things under bed.
  • Launder bedding and curtains.  Wash pillows in hot water
  • Wash floor registers and other vent covers
  • Dust lights. Clean lamp shades.
  • Wash switch plates.  Wash walls and trim as needed.


The Bathrooms

We may not think of the bathrooms in our home as a common place for pests to enter, but the extra humidity does attract bugs. Also be sure to clean areas that might be moldy, as the dirty environments provide a food source for many insects

  • Empty all cabinets and vanity. Wash inside, replace items neatly.  Discard expired medications and cosmetics.
  • Wash outside of cabinets and vanities
  • Clean sink and drain.
  • Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens.
  • Clean mirror and frame .
  • Dust light fixtures.
  • Clean toilet, inside and out. Remove seat and clean around seat bolts.
  • Wash light switch plates.
  • Wash walls and trim.
  • Wash doors and door knobs.
  • Wash floor registers and other vent covers.
  • Sweep and wash floors.
  • Clean tub. Clean drain.
  • Shine faucets.


The Living Room

The living room area tends to have a lot of foot traffic from you and/or your pets. Since it is usually closest to door and entryways. Be sure to inspect the thresh holds to see if they need to be replaced. Insects like ants and spiders can sneak into your home through tiny gaps underneath the doors if they aren’t sealing properly.

  • Vacuum sofas.
  • Spot clean sofas, where you may have stains
  • Launder throw pillows and blankets.
  • Dust shelves, furniture and decor.
  • Clean lamps and lampshades.
  • Wash windows and window sills.
  • Take out and wash window screens.
  • Clean television screen.
  • Carefully dust electronics.
  • Tidy electronics wires.
  • Sort through music and DVD’s.
  • Sort books and magazines.  Donate or recycle ones that you no longer read.
  • Wash hard plastic children’s toys with warm soapy water. Rinse and dry.  Launder stuffed toys.
  • Wash light switch plates.
  • Wash walls and trim as needed.
  • Wash doors and knobs.
  • Wash floor registers and other vent covers.
  • Clean floors.
  • Dust cobwebs in corners and all over the room


The Laundry Room

Ticks, Fleas, and other bugs oh my. Many bugs like to cling on to our clothes and then jump to our bed, couches, and other furniture. Make sure if your store dirty clothes in the laundry room, it is sterilized to kill these small invaders. This is particularly important if you have a pet that sleeps in this room, as that may attract fleas.

  • Clean out your dryer vent
  • clean inside washing machine
  • empty washing machine drain pump
  • dust crown molding, wall corners, and floor molding
  • dust behind and underneath washer and dryer
  • sweep and mop floors
  • reseal tile grout
  • wash walls
  • clean and organize contents on shelving and in cabinets
  • eliminate unnecessary cleaning products
  • install organizers to hold cleaning products
  • disinfect door knobs and light switch plates
  • clean out from under washer and dryer
  • clean out any cobwebs
  • check door seal (replace if compromised)


The Garage

For many pests, the garage will be the easiest way of entry to your home. If the garage door is left open frequently or doesn’t seal properly, there is a good chance bugs have entered your garage and made your home their living space for the winter. Most garages are not cleaned on a regular basis attracting many bugs especially ants and spiders that can crawl under the garage door.

  • Empty everything out of the garage and dust each item
  • Throw away unneeded items, label and box needed items.
  • Sweep cobwebs found in the corners and the ceiling
  • Wash Walls
  • Wash light switch plates
  • Wash Walls
  • Sweep Garage Floor
  • Mop Garage Floor
  • Return all needed items into the garage in an organized fashion



This is the front line of battle and where pests enter your home. Long grass, compost, from yours or even your neighbor’s yard down the street can be a nesting haven for a variety of bugs and pets. Wasps love to make nests on the siding of your house and in playground equipment. You may even have small rodents and snakes living under your lawn.

  • Clean your Gutters
  • Rinse your Driveway
  • Wash Windows
  • Trim Hedges
  • Weed Plants
  • Mow the Lawn
  • Wash Siding
  • Spray for Weeds
  • Sweep patio
  • Look for any repairs that may need to be made on the patio or fence
  • Look for wasp nests along the siding of your house, trees, or swing sets
  • Check for any holes where snakes and other rodents might be living underground
  • Call Mantis Pest Solutions to spray for bugs and set traps.



For more information about our commercial pest control services, call Mantis Pest Solutions today at (816) 287-5030 or (913) 225-7060.

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