Pests are creepy creatures that buzz, crawl around causing damage and are also likely to carry pathogens that can cause diseases. These pests are likely to decrease office productivity, disrupt normal workflow and can even harm the office professional reputation through local reviews. Luckily bad reviews from pests are preventable and a lot less expensive than local reputation management services.

Most pests hide or live in areas that humans cannot notice easily. Below we look at signs that could tell pests are living in our midst;

  • Presence of dead bugs and dry skins on floors, shelves, window sills, under carpets or where walls meet.
  • Sawdust or wood shavings could be an indication of boring insects.
  • Droppings of insects or rodents indicate of their presence.
  • Termite mud tubes along cracks, around baseboards, under flooring, near plumbing fixtures, on pipes and behind the siding.
  • Sound of hollow wood indicates the presence of ants or termites.
  • Webs on windows, corners, shelves, doorways, ceilings, light fixtures indicate the presence of spiders nearby
  • Gnawing damage to structures, furniture’s, equipment, and holes in packaging’s or boxes signals presence of rodents.
  • Infested food in the kitchen area or break room indicate the presence of pests.
  • An unusual musty, sharp or sweet odor also indicates the presence of pests.
  • Rustling or scratching noises behind walls or on ceilings is an indication of pests living and breeding inside the building.
  • Sighting of a pest or rodent as it crosses from one corner of the office to another is a clear indication of multiple others living within the premises.

Effects of pests in an office building

Different pests have different effects on human when they invade a building, hence quick measures should be taken to eliminate them.  Below we sample a few;

Cockroaches – They love feeding on the normal regular food eaten by human but can also feed on paste, glue, paper materials like books, letters, wallpapers, and drapes. They transport microbes, viruses and pathogens with their body which are dangerous to humans. They contaminate food through an odorous secretion from their body which can exacerbate asthma symptom and allergies to sensitive individuals. They can cause diarrhea, dysentery and food poisoning to humans.

Rodents – These are one of the scariest pests to have in an office. They are capable of causing serious damage by gnawing on electric wires and stored files. Rats and mice multiply quickly and their feces, urine ad dead skin flakes are capable of triggering asthmatic attacks to sufferers. They can cause food poisoning and other ailments to humans.

Bed bugs – Bed bugs are not only found in mattresses and beds but also offices, stores and office seats. They are a nuisance when found in the office causing discomfort to employees and customers as they creep under their clothes to suck their blood.

Aside from the above we have other pests that crawl or fly like fruit flies on ripe fruits, fungus gnats that buzz around office plants, pantry pests like beetles and moths that lay eggs on cereal, crackers and nuts, ants in trash baskets digging out for food are all unpleasant pests that could creep into our offices.

Tips of getting rid of pests in our offices

  • Identify their hiding places

First and foremost monitor on their hiding places. Trashcans and kitchen is a common area because of the presence of food. Other potential areas are washrooms because of the presence of waste and water. Move furniture’s and shelves to identify any unusual movement.

Because of the small size nature of most pests, they can use cracks, holes or pipes passing through the walls. Ensure to identify such areas in the office set up.

  • Eliminate clutter

An office full of clutter cannot only lead to low motivation and productivity but also attract and hide unwanted rodents and insects. Disorganized store could provide an excellent hiding area for bedbugs while leaving food remains on the desk could attract rodents, ants and cockroaches.

Food should be served and taken in the kitchen area or break rooms and whatever is left over stored in tight containers or in the refrigerator to keep off pests and rodents from the office working area. The food trash should be emptied regularly to keep off pests.

  • Enlighten workers

Information is power. All workers should be informed and cautioned regarding the measures set up regarding office cleanliness. Everyone should be responsible to ensuring there keep the office clean to keep off pests.

  • Have regular inspections from pros

Involve the services of trained pest management professionals. These professionals have the necessary equipment to locate pests hiding areas and expertise to safely eliminate them and prevent any future outbreaks. Check out Mantis Pest Solutions commercial pest control services in Overland Park and other surrounding areas.

In conclusion

For the wellbeing and health of your business, customers and employees everything possible must be done to keep off pests and rodents from invading the office premises.

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