Mice are rodents known to many homeowners. They are highly irritating creatures whose presence not only come with hygiene concerns but also health concerns that every homeowner should know about. If you have rats and tried to get rid of them with no success, it is vital that you seek the services of a reputable pest control company to come and help in the extermination and also to put in place measures that will prevent future infestation. With that said, here is a look at some of the frequently asked questions about health concerns around rodents that every homeowner must know-:

Can mice in your house cause you harm?

Mice, just like other rodents don’t just come with health risks. They are very good at destroying things around the house, with places such as insulation in the attic, wood, wallboards, and electrical wirings being their easy target. Statistics show that of all the home fires in North America, nearly 18% were caused by rodents. This is just a subtle indication of the kind of harm that rodents can cause if not eliminated. Therefore, the next time you notice the presence of rodents in your home, be sure to call an exterminator right away to come and help you get rid of them.

Is living with mice dangerous?

Yes. Living with mice is very dangerous in a number of ways from a health point of view. Some of the dangers you will be exposed to when living with mice include food contamination caused by their droppings and urine and spread of certain harmful bacteria. Additionally, the presence of mice in your house may lead to extensive damage to the insulation in your attic, floors, cardboards, clothes and any other thing that they may gnaw at.

Can a mouse make me ill when they die in my walls?

Rodents such as mice have viruses which don’t make them sick but will make people who come into contact with them sick. It is also possible for people to get sick when they touch the droppings or breathe the dust coming from dead mice in ventilation. Therefore, you can easily fall sick with serious diseases from dead mice if you come into contact with them or you breathe the dust originating from them. Not only can you fall ill, mice can carry the HANTA Virus which causes 40% of people who get it to die.



Can mice climb into your bed?

Rats and mice are very agile creatures and they can not only climb into your bed but will easily and happily jump from counter to counter in search of food and water. In most cases, it is not normal for mice to climb your bed because they are afraid but that doesn’t mean they wont forage for food when you are out at work or visiting a friend’s house.

Are mice droppings dangerous?

The greatest health concern about mice dropping is Hantavirus. The virus lives in mice droppings and when out in the open, it can easily become airborne. This means that if you inhale the air around mice droppings or dust from mice poop, there is an extremely high chance you could fall ill. It is, therefore, recommended that when you are cleaning mice droppings, you should be very careful not to stir up any dust since this may disturb the virus to make it airborne.

What is the best and the fastest ways to get rid of mice?

The fastest way to get rid of mice is to deny them entry into your house, this is called exclusion. In most cases, mice and rats will visit your home and leave, until one day they decide to make your home their home should there be enough food sources and shelter. By blocking all entry points, you will be effectively blocking access. If they are already inside and you want to get rid of them fast, you can consider any of the following approaches-:

  • Use mouse traps to trap them
  • Use baits to poison them as well
  • Ensure good sanitation and food elimination
  • Avoid clutter in rooms, especially in the bedroom, kitchen, and garage
  • Keep all doors closed and ensure all potential entry points have been properly sealed

If you are facing a huge infestation, however, you may be compelled to seek the help of an exterminator to help you out.


What are the signs of mice infestation at home?

If you are having a potential mouse infestation at home, then look out for mice droppings, nibbled furniture, gnawed plastic, and actual sightings of the rodents within the home or house. You should know that even a small population of mice can cause profoundly serious damages if they are not controlled in a quick manor.

How do you know you have Hantavirus?

The Hantavirus has symptoms showing in both early and late stages. Early signs and symptoms may manifest between one and five weeks after coming into contact with the virus through urine, droppings or breathing dust with the virus. The symptoms are just like flu symptoms and may also include fatigue, fever, vomiting, nausea, new rush and a dry cough among others.

How long can you live with the Hantavirus?

Hantavirus causes a disease known as Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, HPS. In most cases, full symptoms will manifest in about five weeks after exposure. It is a profoundly serious disease that ends up claiming the lives of up to 40% of the people who contract it. This is why it is imperative that you don’t entertain any mice within your living spaces.

What is the best way to clean mice droppings?

Before cleaning mice droppings, be sure to put on rubber latex gloves and start by cleaning the urine. You should spray the patch with disinfectant, and let it soak for about two minutes. With gloves on your hand, use a paper towel to pick up the droppings and dispose of safely, then clean the affected area with a bleaching agent, soap and lots of water. Make sure to keep windows and door open to ensure a breeze of fresh air is available.


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