How mosquitoes and flies affect the health of your family –

We are aware of the menace caused by mosquitoes and flies. They are the most commonly found pests in almost every household. These pests are found in all places like houses, offices, open gardens, parks, etc. Although they may be small in size, the damage they are capable of causing is huge. They pose a major threat to the health and well-being of everyone around you. Mosquitoes cause serious airborne diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. While flies are carriers of illnesses like cholera and several types of infections.

This is why individuals take many precautions to prevent mosquitoes and flies from breeding near spaces where they live or spend the majority of their time. It is imperative to keep the surroundings clean and pest-free to avoid breakouts of the epidemic. The diseases caused by mosquitoes and flies can have adverse effects on health. In families with aging adults and children, who have low immunity, the illness may take a fatal turn.

Professional pest control services like Mosquito Control help to prevent the diseases from spreading.

Following are some of the common diseases caused by mosquitoes and flies:

Dengue – This is a tropical disease, borne by mosquitoes. It results in fever, pain in the joints, headaches, blood plasma leakage, and low blood platelets, along with vomiting. Services for Mosquito Control in Lenexa ensure that your family does not fall prey to such serious illnesses.

Malaria – This disease is caused when mosquitoes transmit the disease-causing pests to the human body through their bite. It causes high fever, shaking chills, and other adverse effects on health on a long term basis.

Cholera – It is mainly caused by bacteria transmitted by flies. It is a waterborne disease that spreads when human waste contaminates water. To prevent cholera and other such diseases, it is imperative to make use of pest control services like Flea Control in Overland Park.

These are just a few of the many possible illnesses that are possible due to the presence of mosquitoes and flies. However, many more serious diseases are caused by these pests.

Natural procedures to keep away mosquitoes and flies:

Plants – Certain plants like Citronella, Lemon balm, Catnip, marigolds, etc. have natural properties that repel mosquitoes. It could be due to their color, smell or other such qualities that prevent pests from breeding.

Essential oils – Like plants, essential oils made of certain herbs and plants also help to keep mosquitoes away. These varieties include essential oils made of clove, thyme, basil, eucalyptus, etc.

Flytraps – This is one of the easiest ways to limit the effects of flies on your health. As the name suggests, it helps to trap flies. However, this method is not as effective as other methods.

Mosquito nets – use of mosquito nets is one of the most ancient and traditional methods of keeping mosquitoes and flies away. Although this is an age-old method, it limits the safe space for the user. However, nowadays nets are being mounted on doors and windows to improve efficiency.

Advantages of using natural ways to keep mosquitoes and flies away:

● They do not have side effects
● They are easily available
● Easy to use
● Cheaper methods to prevent diseases caused by mosquitoes and flies

Although there may be many advantages of using natural ways to prevent the diseases caused by mosquitoes and flies, it is always preferable to use the services of professional pest control firms like Mantis Pest Solutions to get assured results and make their surroundings completely pest free.


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