You don’t have to be afraid of spiders to not want them living inside your home. Most people would agree that it’s an uncomfortable experience to witness these eight-legged creatures racing across your floor or up the wall.

Fortunately, Mantis Pest Solutions offers the most effective pest control in Overland Park to completely rid your home of spiders to keep you and your family relaxed and comfortable. Our experienced team is well-equipped to locate and obliterate the source of your pest infestation. Read further to learn more about arachnids, where they like to hide, and what attracts them to your home in the first place.

Where Can Spiders Hide In My House?

Spiders have incredible hiding skills and prefer damp, dark areas where they’ll be undisturbed. Several places in your home where you’re likely to find arachnids include:

  • Nestled within indoor houseplants
  • Basements and crawl spaces
  • Under kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • Garages and outdoor sheds
  • Rarely used rooms

Spiders also like highly cluttered spaces, dusty areas, and inside cardboard boxes. For more information regarding arachnids, contact your local pest control company. They also make an excellent resource to learn how to prevent spiders in your home and keep them away.

Is It Dangerous To Have Spiders In My Home?

Contrary to popular belief, spiders aren’t on a mission to harm human beings. They’re a solitary species that prefer to hang out alone in dark, empty spaces. However, all spiders can bite if they’re provoked or feel threatened. Depending on how potent their venom is will determine their level of danger. Certain types of arachnids, like brown recluses and black widows, are considered dangerous because their bites can cause serious health complications that could require immediate medical intervention. 

Even though most spiders found in Overland Park homes pose no physical harm to people, it doesn’t mean you want to co-exist with them. Therefore, contact Mantis Pest Solutions to eradicate these arachnids for you. 

What Attracts Spiders To Come Inside?

A clear indicator that you have a pest infestation is seeing an increase in spider activity. Since arachnids feast on a variety of insects, their presence suggests that your home offers them in high supply. They can gain entry through tiny gaps, cracks, and holes in your home’s foundation. You can also unknowingly bring them inside through various items, like house plants and boxes. So, if you’re looking for the best way to get rid of spiders, contact a reputable pest control company to conduct a comprehensive property inspection. They’ll determine what kinds of pests have invaded your home and develop a treatment plan to eradicate them. Once you get rid of insects, your spider problem will drastically diminish, especially if you take proactive steps to prevent future pest invasions. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Spiders In My House For Good?

When you’re serious about wanting to rid your residence of spiders for good, look no further than enlisting the services of a reputable pest control company. Professionals possess the background, knowledge, and latest tools of the trade to get rid of different kinds of spiders from your property. Take the guesswork out of attempting do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) methods and bring an experienced team on board whose business is eliminating pests.

With decades of combined experience in the pest management industry, Mantis Pest Solutions has staked our reputation on delivering exceptional services to get rid of spiders, and other nuisance pests, that our Overland Park residents can trust. Our knowledgeable team strives to exceed your expectations with any service we provide. Let us restore your living spaces back to the pest-free atmosphere you deserve. Reach out to us today to request your complimentary estimate.