Bed bugs are one of the most notorious pests that can infest your house. They are the cause of sleepless nights that can make your house almost inhabitable. Many people can recall horrific experiences of the itchy bites that they get from this pesky pests.No one deserves to have their night slumber disturbed as we all need a good night’s rest. By following some simple tips, you can stop the nightmare and reclaim your peace of mind. 

How to identify bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small red-brownish insects with a flat, oval shape. However, not all insects with this appearance are bed bugs. So make sure to correctly identify bed bugs so that you can design the appropriate treatment plan. Bed bugs give telltale signs that can help you make an accurate identification. Look out for these signs when you are changing your beddings or cleaning them

  • Tiny dark spots dotting your fabrics which are bed bug fecal matter 
  • A musky unpleasant smell that is released from the scent glands of the bed bugs
  • Reddish or rust-colored stains covering your mattresses, pillowcases, or bed sheets. These are blood spots caused when bed bugs get crushed
  • Bed bug bites on you or your pets. These  bites can cause raised welts and rashes on the skin with an intense itching sensation
  • Live bed bugs can also be invisible to the human eye,  viewed either stationary or attempting to flee when you disturb them

What attracts bed bugs?

The biggest myth about bed bugs is that they are attracted to grime or dirt. However, even pristine clean conditions can attract bed bugs. What draws bed bugs is anywhere they can find blood, warmth, or carbon dioxide. Since we produce all these, they get attracted to people. They also target us when we have minimum movement which is when we are asleep. Bed bugs are quite adept at hiding. When they are not feeding, they take cover in many places. You can find them on carpet edges, the inside of books, radios, telephones, your closets, or clothing. If this gets too hard for you, you can call in the exterminators from an Overland Park Pest Control firm to help.

What causes bed bugs?

Bed bugs are masters at hitching rides. They do this on our clothing, luggage, or boxes. Since they can live without food for even a year, they can persist in unmoved boxes for a long time. They can also thrive at temperatures of up to 14 ° F and 115 ° F.

Bed bugs can be tough to eliminate once they establish themselves in your house. They also tend to evade chemical pesticides due to developing immunity against them. Using specialized techniques, professionals from an Overland Park Bed Bug Treatment company can help you eradicate them. 

How can you prevent bed bugs from getting into your home?

  1. Inspect Used Furniture Before Buying

Bed bugs have a knack for hiding in furniture. They can fit their tiny bodies in cracks or tight corners of your chairs, tables, or beds. This makes them a regular source of infestation to many homes as they can be easily imported into houses when furniture is moved.  Examine cracks in your furniture for any bed bug signs. Watch out particularly for used furniture, whether vintage or antique.

  1. Regularly Inspect Signs And Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Maintain regular checks for bed bugs through their known signs of symptoms. This ensures you are constantly vigilant to take action immediately before they can overrun your house. 

  1. When Traveling, Always Check for Bed Bugs in a Room

Bed bugs are frequently carried by travelers in their clothes or luggage. They can also get picked up from planes, hotel room beddings, carpeting, or furniture. Always inspect rooms that you visit to avoid getting exposed to infestations. 

  1. Use a protective cover for mattresses and box springs to eliminate many hiding spots

Use casements to cover your mattresses or box springs. This seals off any bed bugs from reaching your mattress. The casements or covers are zippered so that the entire mattress can be enclosed. Ensure that the casings are high quality so that they don’t get easily torn or wear off. Also, there shouldn’t be folds around the zipper where bed bugs can hide. If you want to get rid of an infested mattress to replace it with a new one, ensure that your house is free of bed bugs since they can infect your new mattress.

  1. Reduce the clutter in your home- Hiding Place for Bed Bugs

Clutter can make it hard to spot and get rid of a bed bug infestation. They also make an attractive hiding place for bed bugs. To eliminate clutter, pay attention too to those stacked against the wall.

  1. Vacuum Frequently to Remove any Successful Hitchhikers

Make sure to vacuum your surroundings including the bed. After every vacuuming, promptly dispose of the dirt outdoors by putting the vacuum cleaner bag into a disposable plastic bag. Before vacuuming, scrub at mattress seams using a tough brush. This removes the bed bugs and eggs.

  1. Eliminate all Cardboard Boxes

Bed bugs instinctively follow humans wherever they go as they need them for survival. So they are commonly found in cardboard boxes as people frequently use them when moving and storing items.  If you are using used cardboard boxes, chances are high that bed bugs have found a home in them.  So always get rid of cardboard boxes. Or you can put them far away or use duct tape  on their edges to help isolate them

What keeps bed bugs away?

Bed bugs are prevalent throughout the United States including Overland Park. This calls for the need for bed bug control treatment. 

Even though they don’t cause diseases through their blood-sucking, bed bugs can cause deep psychological trauma from their itching and persistent presence.

Once you notice the first signs of bed bugs, it’s important to start a speedy elimination plan. This is crucial as the bed bug population can quickly become overwhelming and get difficult to control.    

One of the safest and most effective ways to exterminate bed bugs is to hire a pest control exterminator such as an Overland Park pest control firm. You can also minimize their presence by denying them places to hide or thrive like filling up cracks or decluttering your space.