Overland Park is teeming with over 54 confirmed species of spiders. The true numbers are likely much higher with researchers still counting. Spiders can be a nuisance especially if they invade your house. However, whether it is your garage, home, office, or storeroom there are some smart tips to stop the uninvited spider from sharing your living space. The key to keeping the spiders in your house under control is to know their habits so that you are better prepared to deal with them.

Protect your home from spiders

Although most spiders don’t harm people, some species are poisonous. Most spider varieties that are often found in homes are non-poisonous. They also don’t bite humans unless you directly disturb them with your hands. However, spiders are unwelcome guests in most homes. They are unsightly and creepy to many. So to curb these insects, you need to understand how they get attracted to your house in the first place.

What attracts spiders to your home?

Spiders don’t just stumble into your home space by chance. They are most likely lured by certain conditions in your surroundings – otherwise, they would rather stay away. Their first point of entry is typically through your air vents, doors, windows, or other openings like cracks or unfilled holes. If there are any gaps where your plumbing lines, pipes, or cables are connected, these too make an attractive entrance place for them. Perhaps more than anything else, these crawlies love moisture and dark places. So a garage or attic and even the bathroom can also serve as a hideout.

The surprising cause of spiders

If your house spider numbers are rising, the female takes credit for that. It has the stunning ability to lay 3000 eggs at a single time. Spiders are also quite agile and can jump fifty times their own length. Their silk web is also surprisingly strong despite its weak and brittle appearance. It actually exceeds the strength of similarly thick steel strands by five times. Also despite spiders having up to eight eyes, they are nearsighted. But don’t let that fool you because they are experts at catching prey just by patiently waiting with their webs. These facts can make spiders master survivors and a hard guest to eject from your home.

Spider prevention tips

1. Fix loose screens

If some of your screen areas or panels are missing or loosely attached, spiders won’t find any trouble accessing your home space. Inspect your windows and doors

2. Seal cracks

Watch out for any cracks, crevices, or holes. These are favorite hiding places for spiders. Find and seal these spots whether in your windows or doors.

3. Check the moisture levels in and around your home.

Is your moisture level too high? Spiders detest heat and try to take cover in cool wet conditions.

4. Do some general lawn care

An untended lawn or disheveled porch can be a magnet for spiders. Trim out the shrubs or trees in your backyard or lawn and spiders will find it hard to set foot into your house. Also clear up outdoor things like firewood, rocks, or debris, or keep them away from your house. Ensure that the trees or shrubs are not in physical contact with your house.

5. Get rid of other insects.

Spiders prey on other insects for their food. Cut off this food supply and the spiders will find little reason to stay in your house. Pesticide professionals such as the Overland Park pest control companies can also help you get rid of all insects. Your outdoor lights can also attract other insects which in turn can attract spiders. So switch off the lights to stop the spiders dead in their tracks.

How to find where spiders come from

To keep spiders at bay, it is vital to stop them at the exact spots such as. Keep those tips as well as finding help from specialists such as Overland Park pest control companies.

1. Install and maintain screens on doors and windows

Regularly examine your door and window screens for tears or holes. If damaged, have the screens repaired or replaced. To prevent even the tiniest insects, you can choose a fine mesh screen.

2. Seal around all doors

Doors are one of the easiest ways for spiders to enter your home. Check around the edges and surfaces of your doors and cover up all gaps that spiders can enter through

3. Seal cracks in walls and foundations.

Use a sealant to fill up and cover up any gaps or cracks around your walls. By doing this, you deny spiders an entry point.

4. Take out garbage often

Accumulated rubbish can pile up and offer a place for spiders. Spiders like closed and tight spaces and corners. It’s where they put up their webs to catch insects. Avoid piling up your rubbish as this can attract the spiders. Objects can also carry or harbor spiders which end up being brought into the house. These include storage boxes, plants, firewood, plants, camping gear, or toys. Before entering the house with them, carefully inspect any of these especially if they have stayed outside for long periods.

5. Clean recycle bin

Humans may dislike flies but spiders don’t. Flies make for a tasty meal for the spiders. Since bins with their contents attract flies, they also keep spiders around. Dusting, decluttering, and vacuuming your house regularly also helps to keep your spiders down. This method does not act quickly but it eliminates webs to deny the spiders a place to set up shop.

6. Eliminate moisture by fixing leaks

Spiders are constantly seeking humid areas to escape the elements of hot weather. Keep the interior of your house as dry as possible by ensuring no leaking pipes or taps.

7. Clean up after your pets

Your pets such as cats or dogs can bring in spiders due to their poop or waste. So clean up and don’t let their waste lie around.

8. Clean your kitchen timely

Regularly clean your kitchen and get rid of breeding grounds for spiders. In particular, clean hidden dark places such as the interior and corners of your kitchen cabinets. Also clean and wipe out the surfaces of your ceilings where spiders spin and place their webs.


It’s not always easy to keep spiders off your house. They have a knack for hiding in tiny hidden places making it hard to see and smoke them out. Sure, they don’t get into your house by determination but once they are in, they tend to stay put. However, by following a few simple tips you should be able to keep your spider situation under control. You can also engage the services of a suitable Overland Park pest control firm as an additional solution.