Everybody knows that termites are pests: pests which cost US residents thousands of dollars each year in order to rid them from their homes, and to repair any damage they have caused to the property. But do you really know how bad, and how abundant, termites really are, and what a small infestation could do to your home, and to your bank account?

Here are 7 statistics that are bound to make you book your next termite inspection in Overland Park, and will force you to take the threat of termites seriously:


Approximately 600k US homes are damaged each year by termites.

That is a lot of homes to be suffering at the arms (and teeth) of termites per year, truly highlighting how common termite invasions are. Bear in mind that this is the number of homes that are damaged, not the number of homes who reported a termite problem; this means that thousands more homes who caught the blighters early are likely to have also dealt with the pests annually. Similarly, if you book a termite inspection in Overland Park, and ensure that these are carried out regularly, you could be one of the lucky few that escape from a termite infestation, your house and financial situation still in tac.


183 species of termite are invasive, and can cause damage to buildings or homes.

If you see termites in your home, it’s likely they are there for a reason- to destroy. So, don’t just cross your fingers and hope that the species of termite taking residence in your abode is harmless, because it probably isn’t. Despite the fact that there are many harmless species of termite, it’s unlikely that these are the ones taking refuge in your home. These one-hundred-and-eighty-three invasive species are particularly abundant, because we, as humans, provide an infinite number of manmade structures for termites to gnaw on.


The most common species of termite in the US is native subterranean termite.

An invasive type of termite, this species often damages the foundations of homes by building tubes throughout, to provide paths of travel for the whole termite colony. Unfortunately, unless you opt to have a termite inspection in Overland Park regularly, you’re very unlikely to even know you have an infestation of these little critters, since they are very small and unobtrusive.


Approximately $5 billion dollars is spent by US residents on repairing termite damage each year.

Five billion dollars. A year. Think where else that money could be going, if people were to regularly have their home inspected for termites, and catch the problem before it causes irreversible damage their house.


Termites, and closely related species, cause an estimated $30 billion dollars in damage to manmade structures and crops.

Not only in residential homes, termites can wreak havoc for those in farming, destroying crops, and also for business owners, whose business’ can crumble under the costs of repairing the severe damage that termites can do.


US Homeowners spend an average of around $3-6k fixing one instance of termite damage.

And that’s just an average- it could be even more. The fact that just one instance of an infestation of termites can result in a $6000 is mind-blowing; most people don’t have that kind of money lying around, and that kind of loss can significantly affect a person’s financial situation. Worse is that termite damage usually isn’t covered by home insurance, so this money has to come out of the victim’s pocket. You can preven this damage by checking your home for termite damage regularly. Here is a maitnance calendar to remind you to check for termites and other pests.


Alaska is the only state in the US where termites are not found.

–So, if you live in any other state, you need to be on your guard; if you live in Overland Park, your chances of housing a termite colony are reasonably high because the warmer temperature is preferable to termites, compared to the cold climate of somewhere like Alaska. Similarly, because of this, residents of Overland Park are more at risk of having a termite infestation than residents in many cooler, northern US states.

So, if you want to preserve your home, and ensure that the little pests are out of your house before they can do any damage, to your wallet or your home, book your next termite inspection in Overland Park today. Since, if you start to see signs of a termite problem, it’s probable that you’re already too late, and will have to pay the consequences.