Ants are some of the most common bugs in the world, and more than being just a small, gross nuisance in your home, ants can create problems far bigger than their minuscule size suggest. Since ants in Overland Park are as abundant as anywhere, therefore, they are one of the most dealt with pests by professional exterminators.


Where do ants typically live?

Ants live in vast colonies in ‘nests’. These nests can be built underground, in trees, or anywhere else the critters deem suitable- even in certain types of plants, or in the walls of buildings.


In your home, however, as well as inhabiting cracks in the walls or foundation, they can create their nests in baseboards, in cupboards and– on the odd occasion –in furniture.


Why do they come into the house?

Just like us, ants can use open doors. More than this, however, most will choose to enter through holes and cracks in the walls, through wiring outlets and more. Since ants travel in their colonies, this means that you’ll almost never have just one ant in your home- and this is why ants nests are a common sight inside US homes.


Can ants damage your home?

Despite their size, and while they don’t quite cause termite-level destruction, ants can still do some damage. Learn more in this article on can ants damage your home?


How do you get rid of them?

Since ants form colonies, they are actually pretty difficult to get rid of, since they will rarely all be in the same place at once, meaning a number are often missed by DIY attempts. This is why it’s best to call professional pest control, who can identify the extent of your ant problem including: where the nest is located, any other areas the ants might be inhabiting as well as areas of attraction, and where the critters are entering your home. Then, they will terminate the problem, using whichever chemicals suit your specific situation (e.g. if you have pets, they will ensure that the insecticide used is pet-friendly).


How do you prevent them from returning?

When professional pest control visits your home, they will carry out an inspection of your home to identify the ants’ method of entry to your house; this will likely be a crack or hole in the brickwork, or a wiring outlet, which the professionals will seal to ensure that your home stays ant free.

Moreover, there are also a number of things you can do to minimize the chance of ants re-infesting your home. Firstly, make sure that food is kept in containers, both in cupboards and on surfaces, since this is the number one attractor for ants. On the same topic, ensure that food mess, and spilling of sugary drinks such as soda and juice, are cleaned up immediately. The last thing you can do to deter ants from your home is to use a citrus or vinegar solution to clean surfaces or your floor; this is because ants hate the smell of these substances, and the oils in citrus fruits are actually toxic to the bugs.


So, if you’re ready to have an ant free house, call your local ant control experts, Mantis Pest Solutions,  and take these preventative measures to ensure an ant-free home forever.

About the Author: Dan Crosfield studied Integrated pest, vector and disease management strategies and works as a pest control consultant at where he writes about ant behavior and pest control