If you live in Overland Park and maintain a garden or yard, you might have occasional problems with moles. Although these creatures benefit the environment, they become pests when they invade your property. Learn more about moles and how an Overland Park pest control company can help with mole removal and pest management.

How To Identify Mole Damage In Your Yard

Moles in Overland Park are not the only type of pest that might burrow in your yard, damage garden plants, or create holes and tunnels. It’s essential to learn clear signs that you have moles on your property to determine how to handle this pest.

You might see the following if you have moles:

  • Molehills or volcano-shaped mounds
  • Tunnels and Runs
  • Craters and holes in the soil
  • The soil looks overturned with grass that has crisscrossed raised lines or ridges

Unfortunately, mole activity on your property might interfere with established irrigation systems and plumbing or upset plants and their root systems.

The Extent Of Damage Moles Can Create In Your Yard

If moles are the culprits behind damage to your lawn or garden, you need mole control in Overland Park. Homeowners that hesitate to get an effective mole control treatment to treat these pests might experience the following:

  • Ridges or lines crossing your yard, breaking up the grass.
  • Collapsed mounds creating dips or holes in the yard.
  • Once lush and green grass developing dry patches.
  • Trampled or dug up flower beds exposing plant roots.

Moles help aerate the soil and keep it balanced by feeding on various insects and soil microorganisms. However, a mole on your property can ruin your yard with holes and kill off plants because of its behavior. For best results with this type of pest, call a mole control company in Overland Park for a solution.

Factors That Attract Moles To Your Yard and Gardens

Pests like moles naturally dig in the soil, creating tunnels and holes as they feed on insects and worms. When moles invade your yard or garden, it’s usually because there is something attractive to these pests. Let’s go over why a mole wants to hang around your property.

It’s important to mow your lawn and keep your vegetation short, as tall grass provides cover and draws nearby wildlife, like moles. Soil that is moist, loamy, and has a plethora of tasty earthworms, beetles, grubs, and other insects that are a food source for moles is very attractive to these pests. Moles also like loose soil that’s not too dry or overly wet, as it is easy to tunnel through.

Be careful not to overwater your soil, as it attracts earthworms, which moles love. These pests typically live in wide open fields and shaded wooded areas, but a spacious backyard with ample food is also desirable.

The Key To Total Mole Control For Your Home

If you discover mole tunnels and holes on your property, know that only a few typically occupy a single acre. So, it’s not likely to have an infestation of these insectivore pests. However, you can’t continue to let a mole damage your grass, negatively impact irrigation systems, or wreck your garden.

You can try using homemade mole control traps, flooding tunnels, or collapsing molehills to drive out this pest. But you’re more likely to have better results if you get a mole pest control company in Overland Park, like Mantis Pest Solutions, to help you with your mole problem.

Mantis Pest Solutions has friendly technicians who will expertly treat your property to remove and prevent pests like moles. We make sure to use the best mole control solutions that are friendly for families, pets, and the environment. When a mole is causing problems on your property, call Mantis Pest Solutions right away to get started and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Overland Park.