Trouble follows mice wherever they roam. These invasive rodents will find the tiniest opening to squeeze through to access the inside of your home. Their mission? Create a comfy, cozy nesting area and find plenty of food to eat.

Good thing that Mantis Pest Solutions provides exceptional pest control in Overland Park to immediately evict mice from your property. Continue reading to learn more about these critters and how reputable pest services can make your home a rodent-free zone.

How To Tell If It’s Mice In Your Home

When mice trespass onto your premises and sneak into your home, they don’t exactly announce their arrival. They try to keep a low profile to avoid detection by hiding within wall voids, crawl spaces, basements, attics, and other secluded areas in your house. Recognizing the signs of mice early on will help you to avoid a massive rodent infestation. Review some of the warning signs below:

  • Strong ammonia odor
  • Shredded paper, insulation, or fabric
  • Gnaw marks on food packaging and containers
  • Chattering or squeaking sounds behind walls
  • Greasy smear marks along baseboards and other surfaces

If you need help keeping mice away from your home, our highly skilled staff is happy to help. Contact us today to make an appointment for an in-home evaluation.

You Don’t Have To Touch Mice For Them To Make You Sick

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to come face-to-face with mice for them to cause harm. Mice can spread disease by running across frequently used surfaces and leaving their urine and droppings behind. Touching any item contaminated by mice will expose you to the conditions they may carry. These diseases include hantavirus, salmonellosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), campylobacteriosis, giardia, and listeriosis. You could also breathe in the microscopic airborne organisms produced by their waste. So, whether you see them or not, mice can harm your family’s health and safety. Mantis Pest Solutions protects you and your loved ones from these intrusive and dangerous critters, so call us for further assistance.

How To Prevent Future Mouse Infestations In Your Home

When it comes to dealing with mice, prevention is the key. It’s much easier to keep these rodents out than evict them after they invade your home. Once inside, these critters find the most inaccessible spaces to hide and remain out of sight, requiring professional elimination services to remove. So, to prevent rodents from making your home their home, try taking some of the following steps:

  • Keep all uneaten food in durable storage containers with airtight lids.
  • Seal visible holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s foundation.
  • Wipe up food and beverage spills immediately. 
  • Restrict eating to only one area in your home.
  • Dry out all areas containing excess moisture.

For the best way to get rid of mice in your home, consult with a qualified pest management company to learn all about proper rodent removal and prevention strategies.

The Best Way To Get The Mice Out Of Your House For Good

Enlisting professional rodent control services is the only way to ensure that your mice problem will be gone for good. Pest specialists have access to the industry’s best and most modern resources. Their knowledge covers a wide array of nuisance pest habits and behaviors, aiding their efforts when eliminating them.

With a highly trained team, Mantis Pest Solutions offers expert services to extract different types of mice from your residence safely. We don’t claim to be the best pest control for mice; our customers do. We treat you like family, making your health and safety priority number one. We offer eco-friendly treatment options that are safe to use around children and pets yet still tough on pests. Get in touch with us today so we can get started on your complimentary estimate.