Chemical pesticides are typically used to manage and control pest infestation. However, as the name suggests, chemical pesticides are made from chemicals, and these chemicals can be harmful to the environment and can also be dangerous for humans.

Therefore, you should be precautious while using any chemical pesticides. Don’t you know how?

We will help you with this. This article aims to tell you about- things to avoid when using chemical pesticides. Read the full article before using any chemical pesticides.

Things To Avoid While Purchasing Chemical Pesticides

  • Avoid purchasing pesticides from un-licensed dealers or footpath persons.
  • Never purchase pesticides in bulk. Only buy pesticides for a single operation.
  • Never buy pesticides that don’t have any approved labels.
  • Do not purchase expired pesticides.
  • Avoid buying pesticides with loose/leaked containers.

Things To Avoid During Storage

  • Avoid storing pesticides in house premises.
  • Do not transfer the pesticides from the original containers to other ones.
  • Never store pesticides with weedicides.
  • Never allow children to go close to any pesticides.
  • A pesticide should not be exposed to sunlight or rain.

Things To Avoid While Handling pesticides.

  • Avoid carrying pesticides with any food articles.
  • Never carry pesticides in bulk or on your shoulder or head, or back.

Things To Avoid While Applying Chemical Pesticides

  • Never apply pesticides in high concentrations. Avoid overdose of chemical pesticides.
  • Do not spray pesticides against the wind direction.
  • Containers that are used for mixing pesticides should not be used for any other domestic use.
  • Emulsifiable chemical pesticides should not be sprayed by using a battery sprayer.
  • After spraying pesticides wash your hands thoroughly with soap before eating/smoking.
  • Provide sufficient ventilation by opening windows at your home.
  • Put all the pets and family members outside from the treated area.
  • Apply the chemical pesticides only to limited areas at your house, like cracks or corners.
  • If you are applying chemical pesticides in your kitchen, remove all the foods, pots, and dishes before treating the cabinets.
  • Before refilling, wait until the kitchen shelves dry.
  • Wash the kitchen surfaces that may have pesticide residues.

Other Important Points To Remember

  • Read the pesticide label thoroughly.
  • Be acquainted with all the precautions.
  • Be aware of first aid information.
  • Put on the proper protective layer to cover yourself before applying any pesticide.

Pesticides can enter our body through inhalation or absorption by the skin and eyes. Skin is usually exposed to pesticides, so it is essential to cover the body as much a possible. Make sure you wear gloves before opening pesticides containers. Professional Pest Control Company is always the best option to hire the pest exterminators to deal with the chemical pesticides.

One should measure the effectiveness of the chemical pesticide after its use. If that pesticide is not able to control the pest, then consider applying other chemical pesticides. And again, never apply chemical pesticides more than instructed on the label. It is illegal.

So, these are some points that you should follow while using chemical pesticides and be familiar with the things to avoid when using chemical pesticides, as mentioned in the article.