Perimeter pest control is one of the most important features of a comprehensive pest control plan, taking care of any pest problems you may have in Overland Park before they materialize as an infestation in your home.

What is perimeter pest control?

Perimeter pest control is a type of pest control that’s applied around the perimeter of your home, creating a chemical barrier between the pests in your garden (and beyond) and the inside of your home.

So, any pests that come into contact with the barrier are prevented from crossing further – whether that be insects or rodents – ensuring that your home stays pest free.

What are the benefits of getting perimeter pest control?

Aside from the obvious – a.k.a. preventing the majority of bugs and other non-flying pests in your garden from entering your home, via the door, through cracks in your walls, in the foundation, and through the window – there are a number of other benefits to having a perimeter pest control treatment in Overland Park.

For one, although bugs getting into your home isn’t pleasant, bugs getting into the foundation of your house is arguably devastating, and perimeter pest control treatments can help to ensure that this doesn’t happen to your home. Lots of bug species – such as the incredibly destructive termite – love the comparative cool of a house’s foundation and, as such, they build their nests here – and sometimes even gain nourishment from the wood which makes your home structurally sound.

Another bonus to perimeter pest control is that the owners of the house don’t have to be in for the treatment to be applied – all you need to do is call your local Overland Park pest control to schedule a time for your perimeter pest control treatments to be carried out, and they’ll carry out the treatment – whether you’re in or not – so you don’t need to try to squeeze in perimeter pest control treatments into your busy schedule.

What are the limitations of getting perimeter pest control?

While perimeter pest control can help to reduce the number of pests entering your home, it’s not a fix-all solution.

For example, there are plenty of flying pests – such as mosquitoes and flies – which can make it over the barrier.

More than this, if you or your pets unknowingly carry home bugs after a walk, these bugs won’t be exterminated by the perimeter pest control treatments, and they’ll likely to continue to crawl around your home.

And – most importantly – if your home is already suffering from an infestation, perimeter pest control treatments can’t help you, and you’ll need to call pest control services to carry out extermination, as well as prevention techniques, inside (and outside) your home.

This is why perimeter pest control should be considered as just one part of your complete pest control plan, in addition to any other interior and exterior pest control services that you may need.

Mantis Pest Solutions offers a residential package in Overland Park which includes your interior and exterior – including perimeter pest control – services to ensure that your home is protected year-round from the pests that currently plague your life.