Termites are definitely a cause for concern in Lee’s Summit. They might not bite or sting, but they can cause serious damage to your home over time. That’s why Mantis Pest Solutions offers effective termite treatments in Lee’s Summit. Our Lee’s Summit pest control programs are designed to keep you safe and your home pest-free, no matter how severe the infestation. If you suspect that your home has been infested by termites, contact Mantis Pest Solutions today. 

Termite Activity Can Be Hard To Identify

Termites are pretty sneaky pests. They typically go right from the dirt into wooden structures, which means you won’t see the insects themselves. But just in case you do, here’s a quick description. Subterranean termites vary in color depending on each termite’s specific role in the colony. Reproductive termites, or alates, have long, dark brown bodies and wings. Soldier termites have bigger, stronger mouthparts and white bodies with dark heads. Worker termites are small and creamy white in color. Worker and soldier termites are typically about a quarter of an inch long.

Because you are unlikely to spot the actual termites, it’s important to know other potential signs of a termite infestation. You might see wings shed by reproductive termites that have established a colony in your home. With subterranean termites, you may see mud tubes on the sides of your home. Subterranean termites need to have a connection from the earth where they nest to the wood they eat. You might also notice that the wooden parts of your home begin to soften or seem hollow. The paint may begin to bubble or discolor.

Many of these signs are subtle and hard to see if you aren’t actively looking for them. Unfortunately, this means that termite infestations can grow quickly before you even know they’re there. 

How Termites Compromise Structural Integrity

Subterranean termites eat wood and chew through wooden structures to get the food they need. Worker termites have strong jaws capable of biting through wood, which they do all day, every day. As a termite colony grows, the workers will eat more and more. And subterranean termite colonies grow very quickly – a queen can lay hundreds of eggs every day, as many as ten thousand a year. Mature termite colonies can be made up of over a million workers, each of which works hard to collect wood for the colony to eat.

The good news is that it takes years for a subterranean termite colony to reach full maturity and size. However, even a small colony causes damage. And since signs of a termite infestation are very hard to notice, that damage builds over time. It can take years for a house to be severely damaged by termites, but that doesn’t mean you should let an infestation stay until it reaches that point. Termite colonies need to be removed as early as possible to minimize damage to your home. 

The Problem With Trying To Get Rid Of Termites By Yourself

Because termite infestations are hard to detect early on, they’ll grow unchecked. This means that, by the time you’re able to recognize the infestation, there are thousands of termites eating their way through your home. Plus, subterranean termites usually nest in soil, making them extra hard to find. In order to really get rid of a termite infestation, you can’t rely on do-it-yourself measures. They just won’t be effective in getting rid of the infestation.

Instead, you can use some do-it-yourself tricks to prevent termites from infesting your property in the first place. Make your home termite-proof by:

  • Diverting water away from the foundation of your home.
  • Repairing anything causing excess moisture or water pooling, such as leaky pipes.
  • Making sure that all areas of your home are well-ventilated, especially crawlspaces, attics, and basements.
  • Storing firewood at least 20 feet from your home and off the ground.
  • Eliminating all contact between wooden structures and soil.
  • Sealing cracks and holes in your walls to keep swarmers out.

Subterranean termites need moisture, which is why they use mud tubes to travel. Excess moisture around the home allows termites to travel more freely and gives them easier access to your house. When reproductive termites leave their original colonies to start their own, they’ll look for cracks in the walls to gain access to your home. Sealing any opening, even the smallest space, is one more line of defense against termites.

As great as termite prevention can be, termite removal and treatments are best left in the hands of professionals. To keep your home safe from termites, contact a professional pest control company. 

Call The Pros For The Best Termite Control And Protection

Mantis Pest Solutions is your best option for termite control in Lee’s Summit. We use a targeted pest control approach that minimizes the product used while taking care of the entire infestation. We also prioritize eco-friendly treatments. Our termite treatments are designed to protect your home from damage, which is why they are so effective. Call Mantis Pest Solutions today to learn more about Lee’s Summit termite control.