Rats are one of the largest inside rodent pests you might have to face in your Lee’s Summit home. Capable of climbing, swimming, and squeezing through small openings, rats are very intelligent, hardy pests extremely well adapted for survival. The same attributes that help them survive in the wild can help them thrive in urban environments. If you own a home in the Lee’s Summit area, you may eventually have to deal with rats.

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How Big Can Rats In Lee’s Summit Get?

One of the reasons that rats can be a big problem in your home is that rats can be big themselves. A fully grown rat can weigh up to a pound, which gives them the strength to be a real problem. Rats and mice both tend to be destructive in homes, but rats are vastly larger than mice, and because of this, they can cause much more damage. Rats are not overly aggressive and generally try to avoid contact with humans and pets. If cornered, however, they can bite hard if threatened.

Having rats in your home is threatening, too. You do not want them there, and neither does Mantis Pest Solutions. Call us today for all of your rat prevention needs. We know how to get rid of a rat infestation.

What Diseases Do Rats Spread?

Rat control in Lee’s Summit is critical for your overall safety and health because rats are well-known disease carriers. Here are some of the diseases associated with rats:

  • Leptospirosis: A blood infection caused by bacteria that often leads to hospitalization.
  • Rat bite fever: Also known as Haverhill fever, rat bite fever can be serious or even fatal.
  • Tularemia: This infectious disease can also lead to hospitalization.
  • Salmonellosis: This food-borne disease produces diarrhea and fever.

These are a few diseases that rats can bring with them when they come into your home. Any risk of disease that rats bring into your home is too much of a risk. If you have a rat problem in your home, call Mantis Pest Solutions. We know how to get rid of rats.

What’s The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of Rats On My Property?

The fastest and best way to get rid of rats in your home is to call us. Rats are traditionally difficult to treat with DIY efforts. They have high breeding rates and tend to be wily, wary pests that can run fast when threatened. Attempting to control them on your own can lead to ineffective results, and you can find yourself frustrated when rat infestations continue or grow. Calling our professionals to your rescue can help you get rid of rats the first time.

Call Mantis Pest Solutions today, and let us help you control your rat problem

How Can I Prevent Future Rat Infestations On My Property?

Once you get rats out, here are some tips to help you keep them out:

  • Tightly seal garbage. Rats are drawn to all of the food opportunities trash presents.
  • Seal your home well. Rats can get into your home through small openings.
  • Minimize clutter. Rats like to forage and hide in clutter. More clutter? More rats.
  • Keep a clean house. Rats are drawn to dirty floors and counters, looking for crumbs.

These tips can help but do not guarantee that rats will stay away from your home. If you get rats, get Mantis Pest Solutions on the phone. We can help you get rid of rats fast.