Ticks are irritating pests that cause discomfort to human beings. Not only do they cause discomfort, but they also can make you and your pets sick. The problem is many residents of Missouri share their yards with these irritating creatures.

This tick season, we got your back with a pest control service designed to prevent fleas and ticks. Reading this article will be helpful, but to reduce any extra stress, give us a call and let us take care of your tick problem. 

Here is a list of ticks you can find in Missouri:

· Wood tick

· Deer tick

· Gulf Coast tick

· Western black-legged tick

· Rocky Mountain Wood tick

· Brown dog tick

Here are some answers to common questions about ticks. 

When do ticks come out in Missouri?

 In Missouri, you will likely have ticks in large numbers from May to August. Why May to August? Ticks survive in warm summer weather. The period between May to August is warm, thus creating a conducive environment for ticks. If temperatures are above freezing point, you will likely see ticks in your environment. When the temperatures are warmer, ticks will come out in large numbers.

What time of the year are ticks most active?

 Although nymphs arrive in May, they are most active in July or August. Ticks are most active during this period because they have recently hatched and are ready to eat. The weather conditions are also very favorable for them.

How long does tick season last in Missouri?

In Missouri, you may see ticks as early as March and as late as November. Nine months with a blood sucking enemy isn’t a joke, as this is when you will want to be in your yard the most. That is why treating your yard is so important. 

When is the best time to spray for ticks?

 It’s advisable to spray ticks while in their nymph stage. If there is an increase in the are with deer ticks, then, an additional spray in May and in June may be necessary.

Why do I keep finding ticks in my house?

It’s rare to find ticks in your house, but it’s good to take precaution. There is a possibility of ticks entering your house from pets, or from your clothes when working or playing in the yard.