Ant control in Overland Park homes is a consistent challenge. Ants are small, able to get into homes seemingly with ease, can cause expensive repairs, can contaminate your food, pose the risk of bites, and can be very difficult to eliminate once established. Ants can easily resist many DIY products, and without specialized knowledge of ant habits and behaviors, homeowners may be at a loss to figure out what is needed to address them.

If you are struggling with ants in your house, contact Mantis Pest Solutions. We are your company of choice for pest control in Overland Park, and we want to work with you to get ants out of your house. 

The Habits And Behaviors Of Common Ants

There are over 12,000 ant species around the world today, with many different habitats in many different environments. The species of ants common to Overland Park homes tend to share common characteristics:

  • They are colony builders. Ants come in a team. Lone ants are scouts.
  • Ants make trails. If an ant finds food and shelter, it will make a path there for others.
  • They like the food you like. Ants are immediately drawn to available food sources.
  • They like a good drink. Moist, wet areas are attractive to ants. 
  • They like good security. Ants generally situate their nests in protected places.

Ant infestations can cause considerable worry and stress among homeowners. Don’t let that include you. Ant control in your house is a priority for Mantis Pest Solutions. Let us bring our years of experience and skill to your aid. Get rid of ants and keep them away!

The Many Problems An Ant Infestation Can Create In A Home

Ants bring many problems into the home. Given their need for food sources, ants will readily infest any household food sources available to them. With their exploratory nature and the fact that dirty environments are attractive to them, ants can track bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus, shigella, and clostridium into your home and onto your food. Carpenter ants can damage a home as badly as termites. Certain species of ants can deliver very painful stings. Ants can cause bad odors, and their constant presence in kitchens can rob homeowners of peace of mind.

Without knowing how to get rid of ants in the house, many homeowners may struggle to successfully address ant infestations themselves. Thankfully, Mantis Pest Solutions professionals know exactly how to get rid of ants.

Naturally Effective Ways To Prevent Ants In The Home

Effective ant control relies on a variety of prevention methods. Here are some ways that you can naturally help prevent ants in your home:

  • Tightly seal all foodstuffs in your home. If scout ants find food, they will let their friends know where it can be found.
  • Eliminate wet or moist areas in the home. Fix all leaks and drips to slow the tide of ants.
  • Seal your home. The harder it is for ants to find a way in, the more likely they are to move on.
  • Trim hedges and bushes. Keeping them off your house reduces risks of ant migration.
  • Inspect often. Keep an eye out for ants, and respond to them quickly if you find them.

These techniques can help decrease the risk of getting ants in your home. Unfortunately, nothing can guarantee that ants will not still find a way in. If you find that ants have decided to come for an extended visit, call Mantis Pest Solutions. We are experts in ant control solutions, and we can take care of any ant problems you are facing.

The Secret To Total Ant Control For Overland Park Homes

The DIY market offers many hopeful solutions for household ant control, but an ant infestation doesn’t have an easy store-bought solution. Ants are very prone to returning at a later date, and very adept at surviving marginal pest control efforts. Because of this, it is critical to secure professional pest control services at the first sign of ants. Stop the problem fast, before the problem gets worse. Call Mantis Pest Solutions today to get ants out of your house.