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Scorpion Inspection and Control in Overland Park


At Mantis Pest Solutions, we’re committed to ensuring that you have a pest free home. In Overland Park, one of the most harmful pests that can choose to invade your home, is scorpions, since they inhabit warm, dry climates in certain areas of the US- including Kansas.


Scorpions-control-overland-park-ksYou might have gotten used to checking the insides of your shoes, piles of clothes or debris, to ensure that you don’t receive a nasty, and painful, surprise (maybe you learned the hard way). Inside your home, this doesn’t have to be- and shouldn’t be -the case.


What’s causing your scorpion problem?


There are a number of factors which contribute to the likelihood of your home being inhabited by scorpions:


  • If the air in your home is particularly moist, it’s more likely to seem attractive to scorpions. This is because a humid atmosphere is indicative of a water source which, in the dry areas that scorpions inhabit, is a survival commodity.
  • If you often have an influx of bugs in your home, whether it be the occasional beetle or a full-blown cockroach problem, scorpions may see your home as a good spot to get some nutrition.
  • If there are a multitude of different ways that scorpions can enter your home, then they are way more likely to stumble in, than if it was hard work to find a point of access.


How do we deal with scorpions?


If we arrive at your home, and there are scorpions visible in your home, we will dispose of them quickly, and hassle-free.


Next, we’ll do everything we can to ensure that they don’t invade your home again, as well as ensuring that any currently hiding in your house are exterminated. Here are a few of the measures we take to protect against, and rid your home of, scorpions:


  • Inspection: to assess the extent of the problem, our team will carry out an inspection to find out exactly where the scorpions could be getting in, as well as locating any nests, and any adult scorpions, that might currently be in your home.
  • Silicone caulking: lots of scorpions gain entry to your home via cracks in the walls or the foundation of your house. Our team will locate any cracks we feel scorpions, or other pests, might be using as an entrance, and fill it with silicone to prevent it being used in the future.
  • Pesticides: if you’re suspicious that there are scorpions currently in your home, we will use pesticides to neutralise the problem, taking into account whether you have children, or pets, to determine what chemicals our team will use. For the most part, we will spray/sprinkle pesticides along baseboards, doorways, electrical outlets and window seals, since these are the most common haunts for scorpions.


What can YOU do to prevent scorpion re-entry?


  • Invest in a dehumidifier: if you think that, yes, the air in your home is quite humid, then using a dehumidifier could steer scorpions clear of your home, and not suggest it as a place where they can have a drink.
  • Deal with other infestations: if you know that you have a problem with other bugs, not to mention the damage that some of these pests can do themselves, you’re providing an easy food source for scorpions, which is sure to make them want to inhabit your home.
  • Install door sweeps: aside from getting in through cracks in the walls, scorpions can also enter your home by squeezing under your doors; if you install a door sweep, you’re sealing off one of their easiest entrances to your home.


If you’re dealing with a scorpion or have any other pest problems and you live in Overland Park, feel free to give Mantis Pest Solutions a call and you’ll be on your way to living a scorpion-free, pest-free life.

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