Millipede Control: Get Rid of the Millipedes in Your Home

Get Rid of Millipedes Overland Park Pest ControlMillipedes commonly invade homes in the US, and while they are less damaging, and easier to get rid of, than other common pests, they are also among some of the most repulsive-looking critters in existence and can carry bacteria on their many legs, so it’s no wonder you want them gone ASAP. Here is everything you need to know about the millipede, including where they live, why they come into your home and how to get rid of them:


What is the difference between a millipede and a centipede?


There isn’t a huge amount of difference between the centipede and the millipede- at least when it comes to home invasion –but, physically, millipedes tend to have a thicker body than the centipede, and have significantly more legs.


Why are there millipedes in your home?


Millipedes inhabit damp places in the garden, such as in flowerbeds, in leaf piles, compost heaps, under pots, in logs or in other woody areas, meaning they can usually be found close to your home, especially if you have a yard.


When the weather conditions outside aren’t up to the millipedes’ fussy standards, such as it being too hot, there being too much rain, or it being too cold, millipedes will retreat to a place with milder conditions: your home. If you’re seeing a great number of millipedes, this is pretty normal; millipedes aren’t lone creatures and tend to move in groups.


How can you get rid of your millipede infestation?


Millipedes need moisture to survive, so most will die soon after invading your home. However, if they manage to find a nice, damp spot in your house, such as by a leak, then they can continue to holiday in your house for much longer. So, the best port-of-call is always to hire professional pest control/exterminators, but otherwise, most insecticides should work on the critters (though you should keep in mind that not all of these are pet- or child-friendly). Then, simply vacuum up any dead millipedes you find.


How can you prevent millipede infestations in the future?


The best thing you can do to prevent millipedes from invading your home in the future, is to make it much more difficult for them to enter in the first place. This involves: sealing cracks in the foundation of your home, around wiring, in brickwork or around your windows or doors, as well as repairing leaks, since the dampness will act as an extra incentive for millipedes to invade. If you hire professional pest control, they can identify the problem areas in the structure of your home, and help to ensure that these are dealt with to minimise the chance of millipedes, and other pests, from entering your home.


If you want a millipede free home, call professional pest control today to get rid of the critters forever.

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