Carpet Beetle Control in Kansas and Missouri

Carpet Beetle Control

With its moth-like tendencies to gnaw on clothes and other animal-derived materials, carpet beetles are usually the culprit for insect-caused material damage, even more so than moths, and though they’re generally harmless critters, carpet beetles can ruin your clothes, carpet, blankets and – let’s face it – they’re pretty revolting.

If you’re trying to figure out whether you have a carpet beetle problem in Overland Park, their oval-shaped, black, white and yellow patterned body makes them fairly distinguishable from other insects and beetles.

Despite their distinctive patterning, they are only 1-4mm long, making them a difficult pest to spot if you aren’t looking for them. Additionally, carpet beetle larvae are brown or black and covered in long, thick hairs.

How do you know if you have a Carpet Beetle problem?

Far from invading carpets exclusively – despite their misleading name – carpet beetles are fond of pretty much any soft, organic material, so if you notice specific damage to your rugs, woollen clothes, blankets, and similar animal-derived products – leaving little slits in the material – then it’s likely that you have a carpet beetle problem.

If you’re not sure whether the damage you spot is carpet beetle damage, then there are other tell-tale signs to look out for. If you notice larval skins around your Overland Park home – which are shed routinely by the little critters – or you see tiny beetles crawling up your walls, or dead on the window sills, then the chances are that you have a carpet beetle infestation.

In general, a carpet beetle infestation is just a case of bad luck, but if you don’t vacuum and clean the materials in your home regularly, this can be a particular attractant to carpet beetles – and may increase the chances of your home in Overland Park suffering from a carpet beetle infestation – since they eat hair, dead insects and dead skin, all of which can usually be found on an unclean carpet.

When can you expect to see Carpet Beetles?

Since carpet beetles and their larvae hibernate in Winter, you’re most likely to experience a carpet beetle infestation in the Spring. Typically, adult carpet beetles are most active in Overland Park from April through until June, while carpet beetle grubs are at their most abundant in October.

Our Carpet Beetle control services includes:

  • A home consultation – including a complete inspection of your interior, to make sure that it’s definitely carpet beetles plaguing your wardrobe, carpet, or bedding, and not some other invasive pest, such as clothes-eating moths.
  • Chemical treatment – using specialist chemicals to target the carpet beetles invading your home in Overland Park.
  • Steaming and vacuuming – to ensure that, not only are the carpet beetles exterminated, but that there’s no organic debris left behind.
  • Expert advice – to help you reduce the chances of suffering another carpet beetle infestation in your Overland Park home.

If you’re worried about having your house overrun – and your clothes, carpets and blankets destroyed – by pesky carpet beetles, call Mantis Pest Solutions – the best pest control in Overland Park.

Mantis Pest Solutions offers a variety of pest control services. We can help you get rid of carpet beetles, ants, spiders, and even hard to get rid of pests like bedbugs and termites. For more information about our carpet beetle treatment in the Kansas City area, call us today.

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