Carpenter Ant Control


Carpenter ants: small but destructive

Carpenter ants are large ants that build their nests inside wood. They will nest anywhere in your home and cause serious damage in your walls, under your floors, even behind and in cabinets. They may be small, but they can cause big problems when left untreated. It is important to have an expert carpenter ant inspection if you notice carpenter ants near or inside your home.


Carpenter Ant Inspection and Control in Overland Park and surrounding areas

Our expert technicians have been trained to locate and exterminate carpenter ants with a three step process.

Step 1: Carpenter Ant Inspection

Our trained technician will inspect your home carefully and identify the extent of a carpenter ant infestation. They will inspect common places where carpenter ants like to nest such as areas with softwood like windows, chimneys, sinks and doorframes. They will specifically look for moisture which is a sign of both carpenter ant and termite infestations. If carpenter ants are found, the technician will help to locate the colony.

Step 2: carpenter ant Control

After the inspection, a control plan will be created and implemented. Our technician will treat any infected areas and give suggestions to reduce high moisture areas in your home.

Step 3: Monitoring

It is important to continue to monitor for carpenter ants throughout the year to ensure that they will not return. Our technician can help to guide you in creating a maintenance plan which includes continued monitoring by a Mantis technician.





Carpenter Ant Control Tips

Here are some ways that you can help prevent re-infestation or infestation in the first place:
-Remove piles of wood, branches and any other dead wood from near your home’s foundation.
-Remove stumps and trim dead branches from trees in your yard.
-Remove excess moisture from areas in and around your home. Seal leaks and pipes to help prevent entry.
-Try to prevent water accumulation near or around the foundation.

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