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My start in pest control was the summer of 1996 when I was hired as a Route Coordinator for Clark Pest Control, (California’s largest private pest control company. That experience as a young college student has been so valuable to me. The success I enjoyed working for Clark enabled me to get hired at Orkin Pest Control where I worked for the next 6 years.

During my time at Orkin I had many different responsibilities. The first year I ran two sales and service office’s where I managed over 2000 new customers. My responsibility included proscribing service for customers as well as making sure their first services with Orkin were performed to the highest standard.
The next 3 years with Orkin I was responsible for anywhere from 5 to 20 different Orkin Branch offices in up to 20 different cities. During this time I was responsible to oversee between 10,000 to 40,000 new customers each year. I loved it!

After these 4 fast paced, high growth years expanding Orkin, I was glad to move over to franchise operations where I worked to create smaller Orkin Franchises in emerging markets. In this role I had total responsibility for sales, operations, and servicing our valued customers. I took care of logistics for trucks, equipment, licensing, basically everything involved with building the Orkin Branch in 6 emerging markets. All of this experience lead to me moving out on my own.

In 2003 I graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration from Utah State University, and promptly moved to Kansas City to start my own pest company named, “Foxx Pest Control.” I guess I thought since I was a “Master” of business I could use my experience to create a better service experience for my customers, and for my own company. I was right! Within 6 years Foxx Pest Control became the 3rd or 4th largest private pest control company in Kansas City. We had thousands of happy Foxx customers who we loved, and for whom we did everything we could to thank them for their patronage by providing the highest quality service in the industry. Unfortunately, in 2008 due to personal family needs we made the hard decision to sell our company to Terminix.

During my 5 years of non-compete with Terminix I kept busy by getting into franchising restaurant concepts. I opened and owned some Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurts all over the state of Missouri and Illinois, but I settled on and currently own 2 Costa Vida “Fresh Mexican Grill” franchises in Lees Summit and Overland Park.

During this time I missed the service industry and my customers, so in 2014 when my dear friend Ty Hawkins called me about partnering up… I jumped back in! Ty and I have been friends since High School and we are excited be a part of the community. We are committed to “Excellence in Service!” and we hope to meet and exceed expectations for Excellence in Service for decades to come.

As part of this “Excellence in Service!” we understood that many people were not getting taken care of when it came to specialized pests such as bedbugs. Bedbugs are one of the hardest bugs to get rid of. Many companies were charging an arm and a leg to due traditional bed bug treatments that were not getting rid of the problem. We knew there was a new technology in bedbug removal called remedial treatments that are more commonly known as bedbug heat treatments.  For many companies, they didn’t want to hurt their revenues and just stayed with the traditional service, knowing it would work most of the time. Here at Mantis, we wanted it to work every time. Now with our heat treatment equipment, we are one of the best bed bug removal companies in Overland Park. The best part is with clever strategy and an eye on focusing on our customers we were able to offer to finance our heat treatments to qualified customers making our bed bug treatments affordable and still continue to have our protection guarantee.


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