Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Pest Control Service

Owning a business in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, or anywhere in the Greater Kansas area comes with lots of responsibilities. One responsibility that most people don’t realize needs to be taken care of unless they have a pest infestation or are worried about a health code, is pest control. The common household pests can be more than just pests in a business setting. They can hurt your bottom line and reputation. Here are some of the risks of not having a commercial pest control service

Health Threat: Most companies, like restaurants, are aware of the need to have pest control. No one wants to have a cockroach in their chili or see a mouse scurrying under their feet while eating. Even if the pests are not visible they help spread disease on items. Places such as hotels, daycares, and retailers with products that people consume or handle have to be very careful that pests don’t contaminate anything their customers interact with. However, these types of businesses are not alone with health risks. All businesses where a person visits, even a home business,  runs the risk of a customer getting stung by a wasp if a good wasp control program is not in place.

Damage Building and Equipment: In warehouses, manufacturing plants, or rental properties rodents are some of your biggest problems. Rodents can chew through electrical wires, damaged products, and product packaging, among leaving their droppings in the most inconvenient places. The most common damage is structural damage. Structural damage will not only can be an eyesore, but be costly to repair. Wood destroying pests like termites are extremely harmful if you own the property. If you are selling furniture, or clothes, or have places that people commonly sit, you should also be wary of bed bugs.

Harm Your Reputation: Have you ever heard of the bedbug registry? Most people have heard of it but if you haven’t we are sure you will use it before you check into your next hotel. Bed Bug Registry is a place where people report businesses; particularly hotels where they have seen bed bugs.  In today’s world reviews are powerful. Chances are before you even consider using our commercial pest control service in Overland Park or Lee’s Summit you are going to check the respective offices pest control reviews. Many negative reviews that people leave on business profiles isn’t only with customer service, but bugs. People don’t like seeing bugs especially at restaurants, spas, day care, and many others.

Be an Annoyance to your customers and employees: Lastly, pests can be just down right annoying. Everyone has been in a meeting where that fly is buzzing around and  is distracting everyone so no one can focus on the presentation. Another common problem are those ants in the break room. Although most ants aren’t really harmful, they may be distracting your workers when they leave the break room wondering if they really should be eating their food in there.

As you can see pest control for your business and home have very different consequences. Pests in your business can cause structural damage, violate health codes, ruin your company’s reputation, and just be plain annoying.  As with residential pest control, DIY pest control is not the best answer for your business. Storing and applying product incorrectly can be more hazardous than the pests themselves. That is why it is always important to have a certified exterminator.  We always recommend businesses to look at using a local pest control company rather than attempting it themselves. This not only could cause more problems, but cost you more money.

If you are in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, or any of the surrounding cities and need pest control for your business give us a call at 816-287-5030    or   913-225-7060. You can also learn more about our commercial pest control services and fill out the contact form there.