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Our RestEasy mosquito treatments are fast, affordable, and high tech – meaning they’re effective in reducing mosquito populations. Our proven treatments will have you using your backyard again in no time.
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Mantis mosquito treatments are designed to reduce your mosquito population quickly and responsibly. You and your family can use the yard the same day we treat.

Nobody wants to deal with mosquitoes outside any longer than they have to. Call (816) 287-5030 today to set up an inspection and receive a quote from a Mantis Professional.

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Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

You hear them in your ear, they bite you and anyone who enters into your yard, even your pets. Mosquitoes! Mosquitoes are more than just annoying pests that ruin the holiday BBQ, they can carry diseases as well. Both Kansas and Missouri have the Aedes aegypti mosquito and other varieties which are capable of carrying diseases such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya. That is likely part of the reason you are searching for some sort of relief from mosquitoes in your yard.  Mantis uses two products during each treatment to maximize the effectiveness of each application.  Most companies use only one product to save cost, and use the wrong equipment to apply that product.  That is why we say: Better Products + Better Equipment = Better Results! There is no way to guarantee complete Mosquito elimination, but if you want the best company to reduce Mosquito populations around your home than you’re in the right spot.

Mantis Pest Solutions provides expert pest control in Lee’s Summit and surrounding areas. We have a variety of safe and effective products and tools used for eliminating mosquitoes from your yard. We also provide both exterior and interior pest control and exterminator services to ensure that we don’t miss a spot. For more information about mosquito treatments in the Lees Summit area, call us today at (816) 287-5030.

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