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Japanese Beetle Control

For years, residents in Kansas have worried about mosquitoes, termites and ants, and have, understandably, sought to rid their home and garden of these tenacious pests.

One pest that has invaded this area more recently, however, is the Japanese Beetle species – metallic green and copper insects, about half an inch long, which attacks gardens in droves, gnawing on the foliage until there’s barely any greenery left.

Over the past couple of years, Japanese Beetles have creeped seasonally into the Kansas area, but this year they have veritably invaded, and have earned their title as a recognised pest.

Japanese beetles are some of the most destructive pests to your garden, and feast on the foliage of over 300 plants; if you have a flower bed you’re proud of, or if you’re a fan of growing your own fruit and vegetables, Japanese Beetles may be your new worst nightmare.

More than this, Japanese beetle larvae can wreak havoc on your lawn, feeding on grass roots which prevents the grass from taking hold of the soil to get the nutrients it needs and, ultimately, the grass dies.

How do you know if you have a Japanese Beetle problem?

Because Japanese Beetles typically attack plants in groups, it’s common for your plants to become ‘skeletonised’, where only the veins of leaves are left, and the fleshy green part has been devoured; this is one of the tell-tale signs that Japanese Beetles are invading your garden.

When can you expect to see Japanese Beetles?

Adult Japanese Beetles are active in Summer, though their larvae can appear earlier.

Luckily, since the bugs are seasonal, you’ll only need to hire pest control once or twice to take the necessary extermination/preventative measures to get rid of Japanese Beetles, to ensure that your garden stays bug-free in Overland Park this Summer.

Our Japanese Beetle control services includes:

  • A home consultation – including an inspection of your lawn, to identify if Japanese Beetles plaguing your garden, or some other invasive pest.
  • Spraying your garden with Japanese Beetle-specific insecticide, to get rid of Japanese beetles/larvae that might be there.
  • Using neem oil to neutralize larvae, before they can develop into adult Japanese Beetles; neem oil has a chemical that – when ingested – is deposited in their eggs, and kills the larvae before they make it to adulthood.

If you’re worried about having your garden overrun by beetles, and you think you need to hire Japanese Beetle Control in Overland Park – or if your garden is already suffering from a Japanese Beetle infestation – then call Mantis Pest Solutions – the best pest control in Overland Park.

Along with getting rid of japanese beetles we also help get rid of ants, spiders, termites, mosquitoes, fleas, silverfish, and more. Learn more about our services below.

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