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Termite Signs in Overland Park

16 Termite Signs to Look for in Your Home in Overland Park

Recent research findings reveal more than $5 billion worth of property gets damaged by termites in different homes. Unfortunately, the cost of carrying out termite repairs is never covered by insurance companies. With this in mind, it is advisable for any homeowner to be on the watch out for termite signs.  In this article, we

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Importance of Regular Pest Control for residential Areas

Good maintenance of a residential area is more than just keeping your home clean and handling all repairs. Unwanted pesky pests could infest your home and result in huge losses if not handled swiftly. Health issues are also a point to consider as most of these pests cause diseases. When you spot any pest in

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Pest Control Worker Spraying Pesticides Inside Cabinet

How Long Should Pest Control Last?

When you hire a pest control service, you might be wondering how long could the pest control treatment last. This question is seemingly the question of every homeowner. Nonetheless, the answer to this topic is vast and varied. Pest control treatment could last for several months, depending on the type of pest infestation you have

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Termite inspection and control - facts section

How to Proof Your Door Against Termites

As the most invasive – and expensive – pest in the US, termites are every American homeowners worst fear, as a full-blown infestation can cost thousands to eliminate, while damages to the home and its foundation can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, if the termite problem is left to develop. In Missouri

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commercial pest control

Reasons Your Business Needs a Commercial Pest Control Service

Owning a business in Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, or anywhere in the Greater Kansas area comes with lots of responsibilities. One responsibility that most people don’t realize needs to be taken care of unless they have a pest infestation or are worried about a health code, is pest control. The common household pests can be

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Protect Your Homes Value with Pest Control

Anyone would love to live in the sanity of their home and not face any problems from pests. Rats eating up food and running around unexpectedly, or cockroaches flying here and there even in front of guests may be disturbing, but these pests can cause serious damage to your property.  That is why it is

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Do You Have Termites? Termite Prevention Tips For Homeowners

Preventing termite activity is a crucial part of home maintenance. Termite infestations can affect even the best homes. These insects are good at gaining access to homes and are equally proficient at causing serious damage if left unchecked. Here are some steps that you can take to make such an infestation less likely: Inspect Regularly

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