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Yard Treatments in Overland Park

As part of a comprehensive pest control plan, routine yard treatments are an important tool for keeping your yard and home in pest free. Especially if you have a problem with ticks, fleas or chiggers, having your yard treated in Overland Park could be exactly what you need. However, this isn’t the only reason you

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House at Dusk

The Best Perimeter Control in Overland Park

Perimeter pest control is one of the most important features of a comprehensive pest control plan, taking care of any pest problems you may have in Overland Park before they materialize as an infestation in your home. What is perimeter pest control? Perimeter pest control is a type of pest control that’s applied around the

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Get Rid of Pests

Specialty Pest Control Services in Overland Park

Targeting the most difficult pests to get rid of – the critters that require the most rigorous specialist treatment designed to eradicate even the most destructive of pests – isn’t a task that every professional pest control company offers, due to the difficulty and expertise required to carry out the job. Mantis Pest Solutions provides

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How Pest Control Can Be Done Safely From A Social Distance

The coronavirus pandemic has caused widespread disruption for everyone. It’s more than likely to have put a strain on your business and family life. And having a pest infestation on top of all that is going to be the last straw for many people. While it’s not possible for pest controllers to work from home,

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how to seal a door from bugs

4 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Front Door

When it comes to mosquitoes, each year it seems that no matter what you do, when mosquito season rolls around, you see them hovering around your home – in spite of the mosquito screens, nets, and your diligent shutting of windows – and you end up covered in bites, no matter what repelling sprays you

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How Perimeter Pest Control Works

If you’re not familiar with pest control lingo, perimeter pest control is a type of pest control treatment which targets the area surrounding your home, such as the grass in your garden, the walls of your house, your porch and around your doors. In your back yard or garden alone, there are upwards of a

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2020 Local Scholarship Winners

We want to thank all of those students that applied for our scholarship. Below are the winners of this year’s scholarship. We wish all who applied to have success in their future studies.   Samuel DeZube Blue Valley High School Samuel graduated from Blue Valley High School in Overland Park, Kansas. In high school, he

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8 Landscaping Tips to Reduce Bugs in Your Yard

Though we’re always trying to find new ways to banish bugs from our homes, yards and gardens, sometimes we overlook solutions which are right in front of us, and which can serve as a preventative measure against bugs – the step before calling pest control in Overland Park The way you choose to map out,

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